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Possible Cat Flu flare up

catlover1983 · 27/06/2022 23:35


I posted a few weeks ago about my cat who’s had an ulcer on his tongue for a few weeks now. He’s also had at the same time symptoms of cat flu (sneezing, runny sticky eyes, sore joints etc) that come and go and is pulling his fur out.

We’ve had multiple trips to the vets and he’s now on week 3 of a 4 week steroid injection, his 3rd round of eye drops and is just about to start his second lot of antibiotics as he improved when he was on them just over a week ago, but then regressed once the 5 day course was finished.

He’s an indoor cat as had cat flu as a rescue kitten and then had a serious reaction to his cat flu jab booster when 1 years old and nearly died.

I was just wondering if anyone has had a similar problem?

The vet thinks:
a) tumour in mouth and other symptoms are a separate problem
b) all linked to cat flu flare or other immune related problem.

The steroid injection doesn’t seem to have done much (actually got worse), but antibiotics helped a lot last time, which seems odd given cat flu is viral?!

Does anyone have any words of wisdom? I hate to see my boy looking so poorly 😢

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