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Sparkling Cat being weird....

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Sparklingbrook · 01/07/2014 20:29

What do you make of this?

Friend from a few doors down asked me to go for a walk. I walked down to her house and Sparkling cat followed me. I had to go inside as friend wasn't ready-went in and shut the door, leaving SC on the drive.
After about a minute there was a massive wailing from outside similar to when you take a cat in the carrier in the car-really loud.

Opened the door to see SC out there, just screeching the place down, and peering into the hall at me. Sad

As soon as I reappeared outside the wailing stopped. Confused What was her problem?

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 01/07/2014 20:39

Are there any other animals around your friend's house?

Sparklingbrook · 01/07/2014 20:40

No-she has no pets. Her house isn't in the direction SC goes in and is a bit further than she would normally go IYKWIM.

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RubbishMantra · 01/07/2014 20:42

I had a cat who used to do similar. Sometimes she would follow me, yowling all the time. One time I came out of a (local) restaurant to find her sitting outside.

I wonder why they do that?

Sparklingbrook · 01/07/2014 20:43

I wish she could talk. She is very bonded to me, but she doesn't usually mind me going out. The yowling was horrible.

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 01/07/2014 20:45

She was out of her comfort zone & you disappeared which made it the end of the world.

Sparklingbrook · 01/07/2014 20:47

Sad Fluffy but that makes sense I think. Poor SC.

When we finally emerged she happily trotted with us back past our house , then wanted to carry on with us on our walk. Had to get DH to come out and take her back in the house.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 01/07/2014 20:48

Beats me - unless she's desperately bonded to you and as Fluffy said.

Fluffycloudland77 · 01/07/2014 20:49

At least she loves you. Mine would sell me out for a pack of chew sticks.

Wolfiefan · 01/07/2014 20:52

She thought you had lost your marbles and wandered off into the wrong house!

Sparklingbrook · 01/07/2014 20:54

Grin I often go to my over the road neighbours and she sits on their doormat and waits for me to come out. That neighbour has 3 cats so probably best for her not to yowl there.

It is nice to be wanted I suppose.

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