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Do you have quite the bond with your cat?

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TheWinterOne · 16/09/2013 18:54

Has your cat/one of your cats really bonded with one member of your family?

I have 2 but my male and I are very close. He often comes up to sit with me, when I go off to bed he follows and knows exactly where I'm going - perches right on the bed and settles for the night.

He's a bit under the weather at the moment because he's got an ear infection but despite this he's curled up right next to me. If I move a seat he wakes, jumps down and comes to my new spot.

My girl loves her fusses as well and I do try my best to give her equal attention because she's just as loving. But Theo can get quite jealous over it at times.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 16/09/2013 19:19

I've always bonded incredibly closely with my boys. The downside is that you can sometimes barely move/type/do anything because you have a cat somewhere on you or wanting to be on you.

The upside? Manyfold. No problems with eg moving house because the cats have primarily cared where I am and only secondarily where they are. (I've taken them on holidays without problem.)

It also makes discipline very easy. Removing them deliberately from my presence/being told off is such a dreadful dreadful thing to them that they'll behave impeccably to avoid it.

Wineandchoccy · 16/09/2013 19:26

My old boy only loves me, he ignores my DH!

If I am not here he will sleep in his bed quite happily but as soon as I am home he is like a magnet permanently stuck to my knee.

When we go on holiday he stays with my grandparents and he won't let my Grandad do anything, so it's not just ladies he likes.

issey6cats · 16/09/2013 20:30

my tuxies brother and sister are on my lap as soon as i sit down one under my arm paddling away and the other one purring her head off in my face, the boy one jasper thinks i can only go to the loo if i have him sitting on my lap

the half siamese thug will grip my hair if he thinks im not giving him enough attention but dosent do laps

the big ginger and white hooligan will pat me for attention but then him being nice only lasts about five minutes then he wants a wrestling match

the foster kits i have at the moment Ross the more timid one is never going to be a lap cat he will come and sit by me for a stroke and fuss but you can see in his eyes he still dosent trust me fully, his brother on the other hand has turned into Gunther the im gonna get in your face, all over your lap, walk round your keyboard purring cat

Lonecatwithkitten · 16/09/2013 20:39

My tail less wonder, she stole my heart the moment I opened that box and saw her little eyes even though her body was in such a terrible state. What amazes me is the in spite of everything she has been though she still loves people.

cozietoesie · 16/09/2013 20:50

You've probably said at some point, Lone, but is she a tailless breed or is her condition a result of maltreatment?

Lonecatwithkitten · 16/09/2013 20:57

Oh cozie, she is the cat whose tail was damaged in a door, no treatment was sought. She delivered 5 kittens and raised them to 3 weeks of age at which point I meet her. By this time 2/3rds of her tail had fallen off and what was left was a stinking rotting mess.
She now has a teeny weeny stump with a big whirl of hair.

cozietoesie · 16/09/2013 21:00


lurkedtoolong · 16/09/2013 23:28

My boy and I had an incredibly close bond. I work from home so we spent ever so much time together. He would spend most days sitting on the desk beside the keyboard and most nights lying on my pillow. We got two new girls after losing him four months ago but I've not developed anything like as close a connection with either of these two yet.

Secretswitch · 16/09/2013 23:40

My big boy kitty and my lovely little Amber girl adore me. The feeling is mutual. We have four cats. Our black boy is something of a feline lover and will take any available lap. Our oldest boy is very shy and prefers to sleep curled under sofa.

My big boy goes to bed with me, curls up next to me and wakes with me. My little girl sleeps on the other sides. Voices constant complaints if I move and follows me to the loo to see that I come back to bed. I so love my cats

SunshineSuperNova · 17/09/2013 00:08

My elderly tom is mostly cared for (meds, food) by DH. But when he needs reassurance it's me he wants.

something2say · 17/09/2013 07:10

I only got my animale when he was ten and not very socialised. Friendly but scared. Now he lies in my arms like a baby wanting to rub faces! He also talks...will come and sit very close until I realise his little presence, at which point he will run off to either his water bowl or his food bowl. We also have a routine where he runs and I stalk him and then he pies on the ground wagging his tail and purring until I pick him up over my shoulder for a cuddle. Life got so much better when I started living with a little grey animale.

ZebraOwl · 17/09/2013 10:08

My Darling Cats came to live with me aged 8 weeks, having had a less-than-ideal start to things & being seriously unused to human contact. Within a couple of days they were trotting round the house after me; meowing for me when they wanted to know where I was; & climbing all over me. They came to sitting on my lap by degrees - we started at opposite ends of the two-seater sofa & they gradually shifted along until blonde!kitten was in my lap & black!kitten was lying snuggled against my leg. Blonde!kitten found his (incredibly deep-loud!) purr very quickly but it took his brother a while longer. I actually cried the first time he purred - he looked so startled by the noise & it had an odd quality to it, as though his body was trying to work out what was going on.

At almost 17.5 months, the cats are still very attached to me: they love to snuggle; they're very chatty; they sit & watch for me when they're expecting me home; they come running to the door to greet me; they'll call for me if they're not sure where I am; blonde!cat escorts me to & from my room if I have to get up in the night; they try to stop me from going out; and their idea of bliss is the three of us being squirled up in my bed together all day.

The downside is that my cats get very upset if I am away from them for too long. Even being out all day results in coming back to clingy-yowly kitties. When I came home after a few days in hospital at the end of last year they wouldn't let me out of their sight.

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