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cjdamoo · 13/08/2013 08:19

So we are a none animal family. 5 kids is quite enough. However on a recent weekend away 2 year old dd fell in love with aunts cat and husband decided we should get one. I agreed but only if we got a rescue cat. Off we trotted to pick a cat. Ohhh dh was a pain and we nearly ended up with a handful but in the end a cat picked us. Misty is 10 months old she was dumped as a kitten. She is now spoilt rotten and even sleeps in our bed when even the kids were not allowed to do that. She has been with us nearly 3 weeks and is desperate to get outside, This makes me edgy how do we know she will come back?

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cozietoesie · 13/08/2013 08:44

You just have to trust that she will - it's something everyone has to face who has a cat which goes outside. Go outside with her at first and supervise but some day........well, you'll have to let her out and see how it goes.

Remember though that cats are great pragmatists. If she's got a loving family, a warm bed to sleep in and lovely nosh - Why should she leave? Sure she'll want to get out and strut her stuff if she's been used to outside but it doesn't mean that, like kids, she won't want to come home for supper. Smile

Have you got a flap for her to start using? Microchip ones are best. More expensive but they stop other (unauthorized) cats coming in to your home.

cozietoesie · 13/08/2013 08:47

PS - best to keep her in at night. I don't know where you're located (country, town, whatever) but night is the most dangerous time for cats what with cars, foxes and other predators, other (mean) cats etc. If you can get her used to staying in at night that's best - she should be fine with it if she knows she'll get out during the day.

Sparklingbrook · 13/08/2013 08:50

It's very nerve wracking letting them out for the first time. My old cat just leapt over the back fence first time out and appeared round the front ten minutes later. I was distraught.

My current cat was much better. We opened the door and she sat sniffing the air, then ventured tentatively onto the patio. It took her a good while to leave the garden. Even now she doesn't go far.

Just give it a go, and stay with her. Good luck. I am sure she will love going out and about.

Sparklingbrook · 13/08/2013 08:51

Ooh meant to say is she chipped and vaccinations up to date?

moonbells · 13/08/2013 10:46

We have also had our CP rescue cats three weeks: a mummycat (now spayed) and one of her six kittens. She had been a stray before being discovered with the kittens and so was desperate to get out from the moment we got her home. It took one week for her to finally see enough of a gap as we tried to slip out and to make a break for it. Highly nerve-wracking! She came back soaking wet 3 hours later. Luckily she was safety collared and ID tagged as well as chipped.

Four days after that we were off out for the whole day and 7.15am she escaped again Shock. We called for a while then gave up and had to go. When we got home (late) she was waiting by the door.

Figured she was going to stay, so now she has catflap access during daylight. Yours is about the same age and you've had her the same time so I would honestly not worry too much! Cats know if they're onto a good thing. If you are used to feeding at a set time, let her out an hour before and then she'll have a bigger incentive to come back!

cozietoesie · 13/08/2013 10:50

Good thinking there about letting her out for at least the first few times before food.


cjdamoo · 14/08/2013 01:01

yeah shes desxed microchipped and vaxed ect opened the door this morning she went out and curled up on a chair in our outdoor room for about 30 minutes then came back in....

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cozietoesie · 14/08/2013 01:02

See - not as bad as you feared.


cjdamoo · 14/08/2013 01:16

yeah I just didnt want her to abscond never to be seen again we have all grown rather attached to the little ball of fluff. Also can I just add I always though cats were a bit bland :o How wrong was I? She begs for food she plays ball she rolls over for her tummy tickling and she gives the best bear stare when she is not amused.

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cjdamoo · 14/08/2013 01:18

We did make one slight boo boo with her though. Dh likes to feed her when he gets up for work at 4am. On a weekend at around 4 she starts batting us round the head for her grub ....

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Gruntfuttocks · 14/08/2013 01:24

Cats, bland.....?!! So glad you have discovered otherwise. The 4 am thing is not good.
You should read

Gruntfuttocks · 14/08/2013 01:24

Argh, will try the link again

cjdamoo · 14/08/2013 03:43


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cozietoesie · 14/08/2013 07:45

You can re-adjust the 4 am thing but it might mean spending a few days moving her body clock back so she would have to be fed at 7 o'clock (say) during the week as well, by you probably.

Personally, I'd do it but that's just because I'm a real mean 'wakee' and any cat that tried to get food from me at 4 am would rue the day they tried. My boys have always been trained to getting breakfast when I get up and not before - although of course she's really young so will be less controlled. (I won't talk about her being spoiled rotten. Wink)

cjdamoo · 14/08/2013 23:49

Yeah we are gonna try pushing it back an hour a day. Problem is Husband is soft and wants to be the one that feeds her as he is convinced this means she loves him more.

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cjdamoo · 14/08/2013 23:50

hahaha That sounds proper wanky.....

another note cat STINKS its bad enough having 4 boys who find farts funny without a bloody moggy joining in...

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