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poorly kitten

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blurryeyegirl · 25/07/2013 20:38

Last week I went to view a 7 wk old kitten and I was told to take it as it'd not been with its mum for over a week as the mum was back in season :( I took little kitten home and to a vet, vet confirmed age and said he was slightly underweight but nothing too bad - also confirmed to have mild cat flu and put on 5 days of antibiotics, told to go for check up in a week or so.

Check up is tomorrow when kitten will be 9 weeks old. today his sneezing has increased massively, he has gunky eyes and snorts when breathes sometimes. He also seems quite tired, not his usual crazy kitten self. His ears feel warm.

He is however very alert and eating well. Should I panic? I've just had to have my dear dog put to sleep so I'm a bit anxious about this kitten - DH says he'll be fine waiting until check up tomorrow morning.


OP posts:
cozietoesie · 25/07/2013 20:40

I'd get hm to the vet directly. Sounds like cat flu.

cozietoesie · 25/07/2013 20:44

I'm a tad concerned about the circumstances of your acquiring him. 7 weeks is too young to leave Mom. Is he a pedigree that you paid money for ?

blurryeyegirl · 25/07/2013 20:50

He is not a pedigree and I paid £50 for him. I had no intentions to take him, just to view him, but the lady selling him had already removed him from his mother so I felt there was no harm in taking him. I know it was too young. what are the signs of serious illness in a cat?

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 25/07/2013 20:54

Cat flu (if it is that) isn't a killer. Just get him to the vet tomorrow.

Melissakitkat · 25/07/2013 21:01

Hello, sounds like cat flu - if he is eating & drinking ok he should be fine to leave till appointment tomorrow - they might give you some stuff to clear up the discharge in his eyes - wipe any gunk away gently. Fresh water to drink and a cosy bed for the night. Let us know how he gets on Tom at the vets xxx

Melissakitkat · 25/07/2013 21:02

Ensure his eye lids don't get stick together with the gunk x

cozietoesie · 25/07/2013 21:11

Melissa is right .Gently wipe his eyes. Warm clean water and something which has no 'bits'. If you only have cotton wool around then use that.

One use only.

blurryeyegirl · 25/07/2013 21:19

thanks guys, I've spoken to the vet in any event who confirmed that he believed the kitten can wait until tomorrow especially as he's eating and drinking, he's given me some hints to clear the mucus (just like a baby!) and asked me to pop him down tomorrow which I will of course do. Thanks for helping me.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 25/07/2013 21:24

As I mentioned cat flu isn't an immedite killer. It just makes them generally miserable.

Be advised that it will likely last for his lifetime, now. Low grade and all.

blurryeyegirl · 25/07/2013 21:41

:( poor soul.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 25/07/2013 21:56

Not a total disaster. Seniorboy has residual low grade cat flu and he's 18.


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