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Sad discovery this morning

27 replies

chickensaladagain · 25/03/2013 21:04

My poor cat died unexpectedly this morning Hmm

We are all really sad but I have a problem -I don't know what to do with him now -do I take him to the vets or is ok to bury him in the garden?

Kids want to have a memorial.either way Hmm

OP posts:
2cats2many · 25/03/2013 21:07

Sorry to hear about your cat Sad

If you bury him in the garden, make sure that you dig a good, deep hole so the foxes don't dig him up. The last thing you'd want is to find bits of him all over the garden, which is exactly what happened to a friend of mine. It was pretty grim.

Ilovemydogandmydoglovesme · 25/03/2013 21:08

Aww, so sorry you've lost your cat. Sad

It's probably ok to bury it in the garden, as long as you wrap it up, cover it well and bury it deep enough that a fox can't haul it up again.

Poor puss. Was he/she old or ill?

piratecat · 25/03/2013 21:10

i'm sorry about your cat.

It's fine to bury him in the garden, but i would find something like a bit of hardwood or corrugated sheet, to put over him, before laying down the soil.

Then you know he will be safe there.

I hope you will be ok, i know how it feels to lose a much loved pet xx

chickensaladagain · 25/03/2013 21:10

Thanks for that 2cats hmm

He was 5, slept on my bed last night, went out at 6.30am and was found dead on the drive at 8.30

I think he was maybe hit by a car but he doesn't look damaged IYKWIM

Dcs found him -very sad Hmm

OP posts:
2cats2many · 25/03/2013 21:23

Righto. Was just trying to be helpful.

Sorry about your cat again.

cozietoesie · 25/03/2013 21:25

They frequently don't look damaged on the outside after a car accident.

So very sorry about your boy. Have you agreed with the DCs whether you shall put up a nice tree/rosebush/some other plant over his grave so that they can call it eg 'chickensaladcat's tree' ? It sometimes helps.

chickensaladagain · 25/03/2013 21:47

sorry 2cats

bit upset and not sure I want to think about foxes :(

OP posts:
Sparklingbrook · 25/03/2013 21:53

I am so sorry chicken. We have always taken ours to the vets, as I didn't like the idea of them in the garden. Sad

We then bought a stone cat as a memorial to put in the garden.

KirstyJC · 25/03/2013 21:56

So sorry about your cat. Sad

My Mum's last cat was cremated and they buried the ashes in a box among the roots of the tree he loved to sit under. Anything like that possible?

Bluelightsandsirens · 25/03/2013 21:58

So sad, I'm really sorry.

I think sparkling's stone cat suggestions lovely.

I don't think we would be able to cope with burying our old bag ourselves once she goes and I'm not sure if my DC could handle it either although they are still quite young.


Sparklingbrook · 25/03/2013 22:01

This is Sparkling Cat No1's memorial. It sits in her spot in the garden. Smile

SecretLindtBunny · 25/03/2013 22:02

I'm sorry.

It should be ok to use the garden as long as you can get deep enough.

Two of ours were hit by cars and neither looked "damaged". We know it was cars as they were seen.

Ilovemydogandmydoglovesme · 25/03/2013 22:24

Yes it does sound as though it might have been a car, sorry.

Your poor dc's finding him. Sad

When I was a teenager we lost our little cat. He was five. Found him on the railway line. We buried him in the garden. I cried like a baby.

Ilovemydogandmydoglovesme · 25/03/2013 22:25

Oh Sparkling that's so lovely!

Sparklingbrook · 25/03/2013 22:31

Thanks Ilove. I am not a fan of garden ornaments generally, but it makes me smile.

Ilovemydogandmydoglovesme · 25/03/2013 22:36

My mum got a garden ornament a bit like that but had it painted to look just like the cat. Colours and everything. Bless her she loved it but it did look a bit odd.

chickensaladagain · 26/03/2013 09:50

well, I've taken him to the vet and made a total arse of myself by sobbing in the waiting room

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 26/03/2013 10:03

You have absolutely not made a fool of yourself. I remember having to comfort my last vet when we had to put a favourite dog to sleep - because she was crying so hard she could barely function. These animals mean so much to us and vets' surgeries are used to people being emotional.

Hope you feel a bit better soon. It will be hard, I know.

Ilovemydogandmydoglovesme · 26/03/2013 10:30

You are not the first person to sit crying in the vets waiting room. Sad

I was temping as a vets receptionist once and this guy came in who's dog had been hit by a car. He lived on a main road and she'd gone bounding out to get in the car and ran into the road. He brought her straight down and he was absolutely bawling his eyes out. They took him into the vets room but there was nothing they could do for this lovely dog, she was a boxer, and everyone in the building could hear him. We all say there in silence with tears in our eyes. People even cry for other people's pets so you're allowed to cry for your own.

So sorry for you. Sad

Sparklingbrook · 26/03/2013 11:33

Oh chicken sobbing in the waiting room is totally ok and understandable. (((hugs)))

foxache · 26/03/2013 13:04

What a sad thread, I'm so sorry about your cat, chicken. I hope you are all ok.

Every cat we ever owned from childhood is buried in my parents' garden, it's quite comforting (for us, anyway) to know they're still around.

Darmont · 26/03/2013 13:54

So very sorry for your sad news and loss. I hope your children are ok. My heart goes out to them as I know how distraught mine would beHmm

Iwouldratherbemuckingout · 26/03/2013 15:12

So sorry to hear this, I lost my 3 oldies over the last 12 months and learnt that vets are very used to 40 something's sobbing all over the place. Their trade is based on love after all.

Not everyone's cup of tea but we have their little caskets by the fire, their favourite place (wooden sleeping cat rather than an urn)

Hope the DCS are ok, such a shock x

kizzie · 26/03/2013 17:56

Sorry about your cat :-(
When mine died earlier this year I cried so much at the vets - the vet nurse burst into tears too - so dont feel embarrassed.

Just fyi - we did bury her in the garden in the end. I really wasnt sure but felt like right thing in the end. DH just made sure it was deep enough and then we put a paving slab over the top till the ground fully settles and I put a lovely flower basket on top of that.

I couldnt believe hom much it knocked me six at the time and I still expect to see her when I go home from work.

tabbycat15 · 29/03/2013 14:22

So sorry to hear that. We lost Dotty who was 15 in November. It was like losing a child & we all still miss her very much. We had her cremated. We have a white rose for her in pot. We had a photo done of her in canvas & it is next to her box of ashes.

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