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What flea treatment can I use WITH Advocate?

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topsyandturvy · 14/03/2013 07:50

My cat has fleas. She has had 3 doses of Advocate but they havent gone away.

I think she may have a flea allergy as she has so few fleas that 2 vet flea nurses couldn't find them on her, however she still has all the signs of fleas, including funny fur on her back at the base of her tail, scratching madly and rippling her fur, plus we are geting bitten in the house.

Anyway, the vet has now given us one additional dose of Advocate to eradicate the fleas. What was the point if it isnt working???

What could I use safely alongside the advocate to get her flea free?

OP posts:
binger · 14/03/2013 08:02

Could it be an infestation of fleas in the house, not the cats. Don't they also live in the bedding, carpets etc which would also need treating. As nothing was found on the cat I assume they jump on, bite then die but as they are still in the house they just keep multiplying. Worth treating house with flea spray, I think k bedding goes on boil wash but not sure. If you've already gone down this route, which you probably have, then I can't think what else to do, sorry. Hopefully someone else will help.

topsyandturvy · 14/03/2013 08:05

When the cat came to us I could tell she already had fleas from her behaviour but vets didnt find any - I took this to mean she is quite flea sensitive but still definitely had them on her own body.

I have bought the spray now and will have to do the wash spray thing for my benefit, but I dont think it is isnt going to get rid of her fleas as she came with them and Advocate didnt get rid of them?

Or maybe I cant get the last ones off her because a few have started living in the carpet?

Could you check my other thread about open sore as well? Vets are saying this could be caused by the fleas which is why I want to deal with them.

OP posts:
Rikalaily · 14/03/2013 08:17

As soon as the cat entered your house the flea eggs were dropping off the animal and onto your carpet/bedding/furniture etc and they lay alot of eggs. It's easy to get fleas off an animal, getting them out of your house is alot harder and thats where the problem with be. You need to spray all carpets/laminate (the eggs can fall in the tiny cracks between the boards), right into the corners of the rooms, all around the edges, under all furniture, spray all sofas and under the cushions, wash bedding and anything the cat has been sleeping on at 60, wash cuddly toys etc. Hoover everywhere every day, it hatches the eggs quicker and hoovers up any loose ones, empty the hoover/bag regularly (or they will hatch in there) and stick a flea collar in there.

Make sure it's a good house spray, Acclaim or Indorex etc, anything bought in the shops won't kill them.

Flea allergy causes itching, fur loss and open sores. If she's scabby on her back end it's almost certainally the fleas still.

topsyandturvy · 14/03/2013 08:22

OMG Rika its gonna be a big job then. They only gave me one giant can, is that enough for 3 beds and 2 receptions plus utility areas?

Yes, back end not scabby but hair a bit bald and not lying right.

Really, flea alergy could give open none healing sores? You read my other thread?

OP posts:
topsyandturvy · 14/03/2013 08:24

Also, if she is a flea allergy cat, should she have the injection AND Advocate, or that grey rubber collar plus Advocate? Would it help?

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 14/03/2013 08:26

You might need a couple of cans. I used Indorex which was great.

The important thing is hoovering - both before you spray and then afterwards. (You should get quite Stepford Wives about it.) Anywhere where dust could go, eggs are potentially going to go so hoover a lot in places where you might normally leave them for a week or three.

cozietoesie · 14/03/2013 08:29

Maybe one of the vets who post can advise you on the actual flea treatment on her and also the problem with the open sore. Not my strong suit. (Although in your position, I'd be heading for a different practice I think.)

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