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Kitten proofing: for safety!!

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WeezyPeezy · 21/11/2012 11:35

New addition arriving today!! Was hoping to have spare room completed in time for his arrival but due to DP's 'lazyarsitis'ahem.... Busy schedule, it is not. We have only our bedroom DSD's bedroom bathroom and hall or kitchen as condiderations due to our other fully grown feline boy and cat flap issues. DM has just pointed out all the kitchen hazards and now I'm in a panic. DP doesn't want kitten in bedrooms as he will get used to sleeping there. Hall/bathroom door seperates living space by glass door so no chance of other cat ambushing newbie. Any tips/suggestions?

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 21/11/2012 13:57

Well I must be a very bad owner as I've never kitten proofed anything. 5 of them got to old age.

I did stop him eating a razor blade recently and sniffing the gas fire.

What dangers are you worried about? I just locked mine in the kitchen overnight with a comfy bed when we got him, he still seems to like me.

cozietoesie · 21/11/2012 14:47

I have to admit I'm rather with Fluffy on this one. (Apart from the fact that mine have always slept in bed with me.) You might consider removing anything real fragile and valuable to a cupboard for the duration - but that's more for the sake of the object than the kitten.

You mentioned 'kitchen hazards'. The sooner you train the little darling to not go on kitchen surfaces the better - and that takes care of most everything, I think.

kenanddreary · 21/11/2012 17:00

Good luck with your new kitten!

One tip though coming up to Christmas - beware tree lights and decorations! Our kitten chewed through the wire for the tree lights in seconds and could have been serious. Luckily no harm done but we were wary for quite a while about other wires etc. The following Christmas he showed no interest at all! Far too lazy now Grin

Fluffycloudland77 · 21/11/2012 18:12

Ooh yes christmas baubles make the best toys in kitten eyes.

All ours are shatterproof plastic. Bit dull but cheaper than vets bills for shards of glass in paws.

Tinsel is also an essential trace nutrient to kittens. Sparkly poo gives the game away.

WeezyPeezy · 21/11/2012 23:17

Oooh just back on and thank you for your replies!! New baby settling in well and kitten nursery in the back hall with only paws and doors as a hazard. Was most worried about falling down the back of the fridge, knife block, climbing and falls etc but all is calm with a supervised living room visit. A couple of hisses from big lad and a bit of kitten cowering and all is good!! Thank you for the Christmas tree advice Grin at sparkly poo. DP and DSD under strict instructions re toilet lid as I nearly lost a kitten to the toilet years ago after she panicked and crawled towards the U-bend!!!!! Got her out in the nick of time. DSD (at 15) I am not worried about but DP although v loving has been reminded all night to remember he's in the hall outside the bedroom if getting up at night. Kitten has already stalked the fish tank and wrestled a box of tissues from the table to the floor. I'm sure I'm panicking ott but he's just so totty he makes me nervous. Xx

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 22/11/2012 08:27

That's true, actually, about Xmas trees. I've never had a cable or tinsel chewer, or a bauble biffer - partly because we don't have lights on when we're not around and the minute any boy went near the tree they were told off (temporary rule addition which they learned quickly.) But it could well be.

kenanddreary · 22/11/2012 17:50

Aww Wheezy - sounds like you are having lots of fun with your new kitten.

Cozie - yes - we spent the rest of Christmas in a state of anxiety and kittensitting! The following year he got tangled up in some baubles and went running off down the hallway smashing the lot! No harm done though - no injuries but thankfully now he shows absolutely no interest whatsoever. (This makes me sound like a terrible owner...seriously we are good with cats!!).

cozietoesie · 22/11/2012 18:11

It doesn't make you sound like anything but a concerned cat owner!

I've just got a well behaved bunch, I think. We have very few rules (I tend to let them do much as they want) but when I say NO (and mean it) they obey very fast and remember.

It helps, of course, to have Siamese. The attractions of a Xmas tree are as nothing compared to the joy of following their people around the house. So if I'm not in the room with the tree - they're not either, usually.


kenanddreary · 22/11/2012 19:57

Oh I love Siamese Cozie - they are so vocal aren't they? And very elegant looking. How many do you have?

I have a British Shorthair now - and he is living up to their reputation of being lazy and docile! But he really does love company and likes to be with us when we are home. He was a lively kitten but apart from occasionally chasing his feather on a stick he isn't too energetic these days Grin!

cozietoesie · 22/11/2012 20:14

That should really read have read 'had' a well behaved bunch rather than 'got'. Only one Siamese at the moment. (cozieseniorboy - the most recent of a long line of Siamese.) He's very old and very jealous so it looks like he'll remain the only Siamese till he ends out his days. I'm not going to upset him at his advanced years by having someone else wanting to get into bed with us! If The Lodger comes to stay, he'll have to go downstairs.

cozietoesie · 22/11/2012 20:21

PS - sorry. The Lodger is another cat who visits. (I didn't want to worry you there.)


kenanddreary · 22/11/2012 20:29

Lol!! Grin Had visions of someone renting a room in your house getting into bed with you and the cat being offended!

WeezyPeezy · 25/11/2012 14:11

Oops sorry guys, not been on for a couple of days so just saw your posts!! Thanks for your replies, he's still in the hall and coming in for a cosy in the mornings. I love co-sleeping with him but terrified one of us rolls on him. So he just gets in about 6 for a couple of hrs when I'm not deep sleeping. He snuggles right under the covers and cosies either mine or DP's back. He's ever so cute. Having to watch him carefully as he's very curious of the cat flap already. It goes into the garage where there is another one leading to the garden but he moves like a ninja!! Love hearing about all your kitties so thanks for sharing. Grin

OP posts:
WeezyPeezy · 25/11/2012 14:17

Pmsl at human lodger in bed too, Ken, and them all lying there thinking 'well, this is awkward' Grin

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 25/11/2012 14:28

I've slept with cats all through the night for many many years, WeezyPeezy and never rolled on one yet.


kenanddreary · 25/11/2012 15:38

Oh he sounds adorable Weezy - so glad he is settling well into your home Smile.

Yes - it's amazing how fast kittens can move. Now I'm amazed at how disinterested my cat is in moving anywhere!! Unless of course he thinks it's food time. Grin

WeezyPeezy · 25/11/2012 20:30

Thanks Cozie, that's good to know. Had several vinos last night and thought I may not wake up if he was under me so didn't risk it!! But love waking up to his little scrunched up face in the morning. Good for the soul these tiny critters. Smile

OP posts:
WeezyPeezy · 25/11/2012 20:33

He is gorgeous, Ken. Really has bonded well with all of us but was so timid at the shelter. He chooses to sleep early evening then goes crazy about midnight when I want to sleep. He's so much fun though I really can't be frustrated about my lack of sleep. Grin

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 25/11/2012 21:57

Ours sleeps so dh and I end up with half the bed and he has the other side. Its a king size bed so I'm never sure how it happens.

We've never rolled on him.

WeezyPeezy · 26/11/2012 00:47

Thanks Fluffy, good to know. It's amazing how much space they can take up. Well after a bit of door scratching and miaowing he is now purring loudly in my ear in between us both!! FX no roll over incidents. I'm trying not to let him under the duvet as it seems more risky, but he's trying hard. Grin

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 26/11/2012 07:05

Well you've lost that battle before it even starts! Grin

Seriously, I wouldn't worry too much about rolling. There seems to be some instinct, even when you're sleeping, that prevents you doing it. (Your subconscious knows there's a cat there even if you're flat out.) What will probably happen is as Fluffy mentioned - you'll wake up to find the cat lording it over half the bed and you two scrunched up in the corner with a tail end of duvet.


PS - I've found that my cats generally adjust to human sleeping patterns, particularly in winter. As your boy is just a madcap kitten, it may take a few days but I'm reckoning you'll find the same.

Fluffycloudland77 · 26/11/2012 13:56

They dont seem to sleep that deeply, if you roll over they shuffle about to get comfy again.

Soon as we get a house with a room we can lock him in he's going back downstairs though. The bed sheets are getting wrecked and cost too much just be chucked away.

cozietoesie · 26/11/2012 15:17

Oh aye, Fluffy. I'll remind you of that statement some day. Wink

Fluffycloudland77 · 26/11/2012 15:55
WeezyPeezy · 26/11/2012 21:08

He actually seems to be adjusting to our sleep pattern already, but had a middle of the night fit of the giggles to see the boy actually standing on DP's head!! Grin

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