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Long car journey advice

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lobsters · 22/08/2012 20:21

My mum is going to have my cat for 6 months for various reasons. It's about a 4 to 5 hour drive there, depending on traffic, loo breaks etc. The cat hates being in the car, she has only done very short journeys to the vet, and cried throughout and I'm worried about how stressful the journey could be. Does anyone have any advice about how to make the journey bearable for her?
The cat is 11 years old.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 22/08/2012 21:13

I'm not sure there's a lot can be done, really, if she's not used to it. Make sure she has a good roomy carrier, nice big fluffy towel (bath sheet if you can get one in easily) along the bottom of the carrier to sit on and a stable place in the car with good air. (Attach it to the seat belt in some way to anchor it. On the back seat has usually worked for me.)

Mine have always squawked a lot and then hunkered down to grit it out. I've always taken along something to cover over the box, a rug or something, but my lot have always preferred to see me and I usually have the box grill turned in my direction without cover for that reason. They generally stop squawking after a bit and just make the occasional protest miaow - which I answer soothingly to let them know I'm still there. Stick a finger through the grill occasionally.

Have water and food on hand but don't leave it in with her while you're driving. In my experience, they usually won't eat or drink while the car is going and it could get messy. I also wouldn't let her out until your Mum's, just in case if she doesn't like travel and isn't used to it.

Has she lived at your Mum's before?

sashh · 23/08/2012 04:15

Ask your vet for a sedative. Feliway.

A friend was driving the Cats Protection van from the midlands to the main rehoming centre. She started of with a van full of wailing cats but as soon as she was on the motorway they all went to sleep. Fingers crossed the same happens with your cat.

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