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is a lick from your cat.....

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paisleyII · 27/11/2011 20:13

a kiss? she just licked me and not because she was hungry as had just eaten (about 4 minutes beforehand), just wondering. ta

OP posts:
DontCallMeBaby · 27/11/2011 22:11

With mine it usually means 'excuse me, you are stroking the exact spot I need to wash RIGHT now, having reached "left shoulder" on my exhaustive schedule of daily grooming'.

I think sometimes it's a bit of an affection thing though. They do it to each other, after all. Usually shortly before one tries to bite the other's bottom - neither of them has ever tried this with me.

MunchingNoPickles · 28/11/2011 20:20

Mine kiss and bunt our faces in affection, great if not straight after wet food.

purplepidjin · 28/11/2011 20:33

Mine licks the most when we get back from the gym/running/whatever exercise.

It's also a sign of affection, Bun and Kitty occasionally groom each other a bit like this...

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