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Dog allergies!

Newschapter · 21/07/2020 10:28

Hi there,

I think my shihtzu might have hay fever or something as her wee nose runs and her eyes seem all puffy.

Our vet isn't answering at the moment but when we had our previous dog she had a touch of it and sneezed loads, the vet advised half an antihistamine tablet.

So this morning she's feeling sorry for herself and her wee nose is running. I have given her half a antihistamine to see if it makes a difference.

Has anyone else any experience of this?

I spoke to the breeder (she has dad and mum) and she said dad has a pollen allergy so I will get her checked out with vet as soon as we are able.

I rang last week about our other pets ear and she wouldn't see her, just prescribed medication on phone.

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