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Shoebox Zoo? Did anyone tape it?

5 replies

KatieMac · 17/10/2004 21:29

I set it to tape for DD (and me & DH) but it didn't B**y technology and she is very upset with me - she loves the series

OP posts:

roisin · 17/10/2004 21:36

Guilty here too KM - I forgot to tape it on Tuesday (though ds1 did watch it then), but then I forgot again to tape it today. So far he's watched each episode several times ... he's going to be very disappointed with me when he realises!


roisin · 17/10/2004 21:36

The DVD is out mid November!


SueW · 17/10/2004 23:53

Yes, we've taped it today. But I am right at this moment experiementing with recording to DVD so can't guarantee I could transfer it for anyone


tylersmum · 20/10/2004 21:38

out of subject a bit but what days is it on. i thought it was only once a week.


SueW · 20/10/2004 21:41

Tuesday, repeated on Sunday

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