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Skate · 02/10/2004 22:18

Anyone agree? I love Barry Manilow - he's a genius!!

That programme was way too short - where was 'Even Now' and 'One Voice'??

Takes me right back to my childhood - very happy memories.

OP posts:

linnet · 02/10/2004 22:28

I didn't see it, but had dh not been in I would have had the tv on and listened to him crooning in the background. Not because I particularly like him but my mum was a big fan and had all his records and videos. And I will admit that I have found myself singing along when I hear the music without the words, because I know all the words!

When I hear him singing or hear any of his songs it brings back a lot of happy memories of my mum.


Skate · 02/10/2004 22:31

Me too!!

'Mandy' reminds me of Christmas in the late 70's or early 80's, can't remember the year, when I got a play doh barber shop for Xmas!!!

'I write the songs' reminds me of a drive home from swimming on a Friday night when I was about 8 - it was dark and I was tired and I was leaning my head on the window looking at the rain and it was playing in the car!

Even though a lot of it is nostalgia, I think he is ultra-talented....though he can't dance his way out of a paper bag!!!

OP posts:

JoolsToo · 02/10/2004 22:33

he's bloody fab - but he should have left the plastic surgery alone - oh dear - still it hasn't affected his vocal chords!


Skate · 02/10/2004 22:34

What surgery???

OP posts:

emsiewill · 02/10/2004 22:35

I went to see him at the Royal Albert Hall about 11 years ago. It was great! We had convinced ourselves that when he sang "could it be magic" that Take That would appear (which they didn't). Still, it was a great evening.


emsiewill · 02/10/2004 22:36

Yes, I thought the same about the surgery. How old is he, anyway? dd1 was asking me, and I reallsed I have no idea.


JoolsToo · 02/10/2004 22:36

you're havin' a laff! he's not touched his trade mark nose though has he - he daren't then he'd know we know but now he just thinks we don't know but we do know don't we


emsiewill · 02/10/2004 22:37

No, all in the eye area, I thought


JoolsToo · 02/10/2004 22:38

yes very strange around the eyes - looks like his eyelashes are missing


emsiewill · 02/10/2004 22:40

And Robbie was on Ant 'n' Dec earlier. What a day


Skate · 02/10/2004 22:40

Hmmm, didn't notice. I just thought he looked older. I was far too involved in singing along and texting brother! We were in stitches!! (Well, via text iyswim!)

OP posts:

JoolsToo · 02/10/2004 22:42

Robbie was super fab - what a song - I was dancing round the living room - well it is my birthday

Skate - you and you're brother? you're Barrys love children are you?


emsiewill · 02/10/2004 22:46

I was thinking it was my birthday treat (although mine isn't until Wednesday).


Skate · 02/10/2004 22:48

Can we stop talking about Robbie in the same breath as Barry!!???? And on MY Barry thread?!!?!?!

Can't stand Robbie - jumped up little git!

JoolsToo - as far as I'm aware Barry is not mine or my brother's father!! If so, we have both been very lucky to avoid inheriting his nose!! Not sure about my other brother though!! If any one of us was Barry's it would be him !

OP posts:

JoolsToo · 02/10/2004 22:50

emsiewill - ANOTHER Libran -- aren't we lucky!!

Skate pmsl


Polgara2 · 02/10/2004 22:51

Yes he was fab wasn't he. I'd forgotten how many excellent songs he'd written - will have to go out and buy the CD now! Thought he did look strange though, very thin and like he had someone else's hair on.


Skate · 02/10/2004 22:51

Well, I'm disappointed that so few have deemed Barry great enough to comment on tonight...or perhaps they all taped the show and are now sitting through a second helping!?!

I'm off to bed now - work to do tomorrow.

Night all!

OP posts:

Skate · 02/10/2004 22:52

Polgara2 - pmsl!!!!

Really off to bed now!

OP posts:

emsiewill · 02/10/2004 22:52

That's the thing about Robbie - although I love him, I sometimes think he's a jumped up little t*.

And someone said to me the other day in a very sarcastic tone "oh, I'd have never guessed you were a Libran". I wasn't sure whether it was an insult or not. I decided to take it as a good thing.


JoolsToo · 02/10/2004 22:52

thin? he's like a stick! did you notice he had on a T-shirt under his shirt then his shirt then a waistcoat and then a jacket I think he was trying to make himself look fat!


Skate · 02/10/2004 22:53

Virgos rule.

OP posts:

JoolsToo · 02/10/2004 22:55

Librans are called the beautiful people - well that's obvious I know - we're also very arty and appreciate beautiful things BUT can't make a decision - oh no - shall I shan't I - it drives me MAD


JoolsToo · 02/10/2004 22:56

Virgos are the bane of my life - dh, dd, ds - oh dear!


emsiewill · 02/10/2004 22:56

what makes libra tick


Polgara2 · 02/10/2004 22:57

Ooh I'm a Virgo too - definitely the sign to be.

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