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Telly addicts


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stupidgirl · 21/09/2004 22:30

Contrary to appearances, I do things other than watching television - but who is the kid in Ny-lon? I only started watching it last week. I thought the child was the son of the sister (the girl who was in As If). If he's not the bloke's either (sorry, useless with names) who's is he????

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SueW · 21/09/2004 22:33

Angelo. Nephew of Mike (?), male star. Mike's brother somehow abandoned Angelo and M pays for private schooling and generally looks after the boy.

I have lost my remote control and cannot view it NY-LON tonight. However Sky+ is set to video it (before I lost remote control) so I am hoping to see it when I find the blasted thing!!!


stupidgirl · 21/09/2004 22:37

Right, got it. Thanks for that

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