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The dreaded 2WW

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Surrogate96 · 12/05/2022 13:48

HI everyone,

I had a day 5 frozen blastocyst transfer on Monday (09/05) and I’m worrying myself sick.

I have:
incredibly sore and achey boobs that are beyond tender to touch
hot flushes
vivid dreams
slight cramping and a few twinges in the ovary/ cervix area.

I’ve taken 2 really cheap tests which were both negative and I’m starting to panic. I have my official blood test next Friday (20th) but do any experienced people on here know what day I should take a urine test to get best possible results? I know first thing in the morning but I just want to see if there’s a day where my HCG levels will be detectable on a clear blue?

this is my first ever pregnancy and I’m doing this for another couple as I don’t want kids of my own. Any and all advice is welcome & please be kind I’m learning x

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TheDogAteMySocks · 12/05/2022 23:29

Sorry OP.
This corner of Mumsnet doesn't get much traffic.
You might do better to repost on the conception or pregnancy boards but perhaps leave out the detail that this is a surrogate pregnancy.

Are you having to take hormone injections post transfer?

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