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Painting an outdoor rabbit hutch

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noramum · 05/05/2016 12:44

We bought a hutch/run combo last year and it was pre-treated. We now want to paint the hutch again. Can anybody recommend a paint brand suitable for an animal hutch?

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70isaLimitNotaTarget · 05/05/2016 19:36

I'll check the one we used (well DH did Grin )

Hopefully he'll be painting a rabbit hutch soon (buying one for my piggies to use in their run)

Look for Pet Safe (ours is vivid orangey brown , not sure it's retina safe) Wink

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 06/05/2016 22:48

I looked on a website called The Rabbit House , there are a few listed that they recommend.
Need to be waterbased and they recommend painting the outside only so they don't chew. Let it dry completely before they go in.

With a wooden supported run though, you'll need to paint all the wood (we have a metal run , DH didn't want to repaint)

Curinol Garden Shades
Wilko Garden Colours
Ronseal Woodland Colours
Protek Wood Protector
HS Richards Good for Woood (oil based)

The one DH used on the outside of the Pighouse was a Homebase ownbrand, safe for pets, but they don't come in contact with the outside at all .
The inside was painted with a Cuprinol Petsafe in case they chewed (they haven't) but I don't know if it;s as weatherproof.

I need to buy some more for their outdoor hutch when I get it. I'm thinking of a lovely blue or green to be a bit more jazzy Grin

noramum · 09/05/2016 10:46

Thanks a lot, we will look up the brands.

I refuse to paint my hutch in orange,, blue sounds lovely. DD may suggest purple though, lavender maybe?

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