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tips for a hamster

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rainbowslollipops · 13/04/2013 12:41

I brought a hamster today and already think the cage needs an extension. I know about getting him used to his surroundings and he's got a see saw and a little wooden block with holes in. I was just wondering what else I could get him. so far I have a long plastic box that he plays in too.

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andrea315 · 15/04/2013 00:00

What type of cage have you got the biggest you can get is best we have a hamster heaven by savic I think its massive and our little man who is now over 2 loves it :)how about a run in a empty bath full of toilet roll tubes ?? Or just put them in your box.

rainbowslollipops · 15/04/2013 06:25

I have one with bars I cant think what its called but I definitely need a bigger one or to extend it

OP posts:
andrea315 · 15/04/2013 13:27

Bigger the better they are lovely little things :)especially the males

EMUZ · 17/04/2013 02:21

Mine loves toilet rolls. A big wheel is good (silent spinner or wodent wheels are best)
Anything to chew on - p@home sell these log things like a hollow log stuffed with carrot. In the natural section. Mine also likes tiny bits of spinach, apple and carrot

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