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Lonely Piggy at Pets at Home

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Evenstar · 08/04/2013 21:49

I saw a dear little fluffy piggy, white with brown and black patches in Pets at Home's adoption centre today. It was called Pickle and I felt so sorry for it that I thought if it was a girl I would take it home with me. It turned out to be a boy when they got him out, and he cuddled up to the man who picked him up and "wheeked" really loudly.

I keep thinking about him and am so worried that he will be left there as he is a boy, he was apparently the only one left of the previous litter when the new ones came in. I can't understand why PAH allow one pig to be left behind, surely they could have given him away with the last two, or given a discount on a bigger hutch if it would have meant someone would take him Sad

OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 08/04/2013 22:19

Ooh, I know what you mean, it is sad .
Trouble is, the next load of cute babies will come in and he'll be even less of an attraction compared to the piglets.

They probably can't 'trio' him up if it was 2 boars + him. The Barmy4Boars website states that loads of people are contacting them with trio boars and when they reach puberty - all Hell breaks loose.

What they should do (if he's old enough and up to weight) is neuter him at their in-house vets then put him up for re-home with females once he's Jaffa,

(DD and I saw a trio of one year old boars when we went.They'd been handed in because "our owner can't cope with us" .
DD was Angry because they were in a tiny holding pen - but not bickering which was a relief)

Our Resident Boars would not have been pleased if we brought home 3 new brothers for them. (Imagine that much Boar Aroma in one place)

FernieB · 10/04/2013 13:29

He'll probably be fine. All the adoption animals in our P@H tend to be adopted fairly quickly. There are a lot of lovely pet owners out there who like to take on the more mature pig/bunny. I think first time pet owners tend to go for the babies and those who've been there already are quite happy to adopt.

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