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what will I need inside my guineas Hutch /c&c cage

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andrea315 · 23/01/2013 01:55

Me again just been looking online at all the lovely stuff in zooplus but not sure where to start what will they need and like ?? We have a indoor house and outdoor Hutch for when we get our pigs :)

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BonkeyMollocks · 23/01/2013 13:07

Do you mean like accessories?

If you doooo....

I have lots that i chop and change for them both every so often so its a bit more exciting.

-Both have some sort of fluffy bed. LittlePig had a pyramid cat bed, and BigPig has a cuddlecup.
-Toilet rolls stuffed with hay and parlsey is a good boredom breaker.
-LittlePig has a few balls - BigPig just gives me a Hmm look when I give him a ball!
-Willow treats for chomping on - great for teeth.
-They have a teddy each Hmm . To keep them company you understand Wink . LittlePig uses his like a pillow!
-cardboard boxes
-Obvioulsy food bowls, water bottles/bowls, some cover like a old foot stool or a igloo/house.

If you don't mind the mess with the bedding (irrelavent if you have fleece) then I pop a fleecy blanket on the floor for a while - both pigs love tunnelling through it, jumping on it, sleeping in it!

Most importantly - hay! Bloody loads of it and they will love you forever!

FernieB · 23/01/2013 16:43

They love a tunnel. You can buy loads of different kinds of tunnels but cardboard boxes with doors cut into them work well. Ours run in our conservatory which is where DH has his rowing machine - I throw a blanket over that to make a long tunnel for them (and current bun) - they love it. Other than that - the insides of kitchen rolls are always a hit, hay makes them popcorn with excitement. Mine also have a couple of dangling wooden chew toys (from Santa) which are clipped to the top of their cage for them to poke and chew, usually in the middle of night when we're all trying to sleep.

andrea315 · 23/01/2013 19:08

Great thank you will have a good look later zooplus has a few things in the sale and its free post if you spend £19.

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KRITIQ · 24/01/2013 11:53

Not all pigs do, but my boys LOVE chewing on wood, so they like a bite n roll, log tunnels, sticks, willow rings and balls, that sort of thing. Wooden children's toys are also usually okay, as the wood and paint have to stand up to human chewing safety standards!

andrea315 · 24/01/2013 14:30

Thank you

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70isaLimitNotaTarget · 24/01/2013 15:27

My GP2 loves cardboard boxes to chew(especially at 3am in the next bedroom)
"What's that noise?"
Sounds like someone has a tarmac compactor next door

Tunnels- we have a plastic stretchy one from Pets@Home. They love to run through it.
Or if you can get the rolls from the indide of a carpet (you could ask your local carpet warehouse to save you one) but they'd need cut up.

Primark bags -recycled paper. But cut the handles off. GP1 was a bit Blush to get stuck in the handle. It hasn't inspired him to lose weight. I just need to buy a bigger size bag Grin

andrea315 · 24/01/2013 23:31

We have been shopping :)
So far we have bought
A wood house den thing
A wood log bridge
A bed strawberry shape den thing
2 water bottles
2 bowls
2 wooden treat logs
1 willow tunel
And some fleece :)

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