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mandymoo · 15/08/2005 16:08

I live in Cornwall - does anyone know where my nearest Primark is? I keep hearing all about the legend that is Primark but have never been to one TIA X

OP posts:
vickiyumyum · 15/08/2005 16:16

try this link to tell you the primark stores in the south

primark hoe it works!

vickiyumyum · 15/08/2005 16:17

oops that should be hope it works!

mandymoo · 15/08/2005 16:21

Thanks X Take it they dont have an online shop then?

OP posts:
ks · 15/08/2005 16:29

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

MaloryTowers · 15/08/2005 17:29

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jessicaandbumpsmummy · 15/08/2005 18:07

I know what you mean MT - ive been a primark girl for YEARS! Suddenly everyone is raving about it!

It is good for cheap clothes - especialyl when kids grow so much or you just want a few essentials for holidays that you dont want ruined.

Have to say Primark do the most comfortable underwear i have ever worn and at £5 for a bra and knickers set im not complaining!

sparklymieow · 15/08/2005 18:12

I have shopped at Primark for years too, atm DS and DD1 both have primark trousers on....

misdee · 15/08/2005 18:22

i've been buying stuff for the kids there for years. will hopefully be slim enough soon to buy my own from there.

its a nightmare in there on saturdays.

soyabean · 15/08/2005 18:58

Ive been going to the one in Peckham for years too, its funny that it is now starting to feature in glossies.

Tommy · 15/08/2005 19:05

I found them really good for baby clothes but some of the older boys stuff is a bit skull and crossbonesy for me

jessicaandbumpsmummy · 15/08/2005 19:08

The only downside for trousers for Jess dont fit her becasue of her "clothie" bum!

vickiyumyum · 15/08/2005 19:58

the girls stuff and some of the womens is very nice all high fashion for woemn so cheap and you don't mind throwing it out when no longer fashionable!
boys stuff i find pants! (as in rubbish not underwear!) don't like all the skate and skull and crossbones and the boys jeans are tapered at the ankle so look cheap and old fashioned.
got dh some nice shirts for work from there and pants and socks as well.

they don't do online shopping, because demand is too high and they couldn't cope witht eh orders apparently (my mums friend works in the head office and i asked her why no internet shop)

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