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When is the optimal time for a pre-birth haircut?

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morningpaper · 29/07/2005 15:55

I am 31 weeks. My hair badly needs cutting and my eyebrows badly need mowing. I can only afford to do this once.

When is the best time for this? I don't want to leave it too late and miss the only chance I'll be getting for the next year ...

OP posts:

tiffini · 29/07/2005 15:58

As long as you feel up to it, you can leave it as late as possible.


CarolinaMoon · 29/07/2005 16:00

Well, I had my hair cut 4 days before ds's due date. Much later and I would have been too knackered to get to the hairdresser's and too uncomfortable to sit still for the duration of the haircut.

Unfortunately, there was still over 2 weeks of pg to go, and I didn't get another hair cut till he was 3mo. But that was the least of my worries, looks-wise, I'm afraid.

I pluck my own brows, but it's a nice thing to splash out on and can make a big difference to how "groomed" you feel.


spidermama · 29/07/2005 16:36

Agree leave it as long as possible. And have it cut on the short side. It might be the last haircut for quite some months.


Furball · 29/07/2005 16:47

I was having an elective c section that was all booked up. I decided to book a hair appointment for the week before. DS decided to make an early entrance to the world at 37 weeks a week before my hair appointment, it was 2 months later before I managed it. So, personally I would say about 35/36 weeks.

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