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Mac eyeshadow in Sprout - where can I buy it from?

3 replies

Nuttynurse · 20/07/2005 15:49

I've crossposted cos I suppose this should be in style!

Where can I buy Mac eyeshadow in "sprout" online? Been searching for about 20 mins now...Do boots sell Mac?

OP posts:

CiaoLeo · 20/07/2005 19:04

Hiya Nutty, the only place I found was the mac website, but I think they do free shipping.

here is the link - mac website


Nuttynurse · 21/07/2005 13:24

I found that link thanks - but am I being dim? I can't work out how to buy it off the website?

OP posts:

sorrel · 21/07/2005 14:09

debenhams has a concession for mac.

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