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Shoe angst.

5 replies

Smurfgirl · 01/07/2005 17:48

Am I the only person that all shoes hurt?

Flat ones, trainers, heeled ones...everything. They rub my heels or my toes, or my heels hurt, or the balls of m feet hurt. I wear them in etc etc but I live in blister plasters.

I can't wear flip flops either as they also rub.

Anyone else?

OP posts:
marne · 01/07/2005 17:50

I only find flip flops comfertable but i do havr wide feet.

WigWamBam · 01/07/2005 17:51

Me too. They just start to feel comfortable as they fall apart and I have to buy new ones and start again.

luvlymum · 04/07/2005 14:13

Nearly all types of shoes hurt my feet too, most comfy at the moment are my birkenstocks, they're really comfy!

triggerhappy · 04/07/2005 16:32

YES !!!!

I have horrible sticky out bunions though from wearing winklepickers in my teens, so almost all rub now, except wide fitting ones.

sallystrawberry · 04/07/2005 16:34

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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