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Wella colour 7/81 going red.

Blankscreen · 08/06/2020 09:10

Usually go to a salon to have my colour done and had balyage.

The stylist used a colour and over time (a few weeks) the darker section turned really quite red. The next time she said that would use something else to get rid of the red but it came back and by this point we are in lockdown....

She was then doing a deal where she would sell the colour and small amount of peroxide and I could do it at home (£43). I explained about the red again and she said she'd try something else and gave me 7/81. It's gone red again.

I've message her again and she said she willl give me something with more concentrate. I have no idea what this means. I don't want it really dark.

I used to just have bleach highlights and wondering if maybe I just need to wait and go back to this.

Do any hairdressers on here please have any advice or ideas as to why it might be going red.

I don't want to spend another £43 if it's not going to work.

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