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Forest Green and Teal Green Togther?

10 replies

Quootiepie · 18/11/2006 09:54

Because I have a foresty green jacket, and a teal top... and I love them both and want to wear them both Or should I go exchange the top for something black?


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Quootiepie · 18/11/2006 09:56

Abit cheeky but im going to town in 10 mins...

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belgo · 18/11/2006 09:57

I wouldn't wear them together. Can you wear the teal top with something else, and also get a black top for under the jacket?

Quootiepie · 18/11/2006 09:58

yeah... I guess so... lol. Thanks

OP posts:
Moomin · 18/11/2006 10:00

agree with belgo. not together - sorry!

Quootiepie · 18/11/2006 10:07

I didnt think so... clutching at straws!

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TheHighwayCod · 18/11/2006 14:23


flutterbee · 18/11/2006 14:25

I would wear them together, but then I love green.

SoMuchToBits · 18/11/2006 14:27

If the forest green is bluey enough it will look great. However if the forest green is too "warm" it will look odd.IMO with which no-one else will probably agree.

Quootiepie · 18/11/2006 14:37

well, its this jacket here and a top abit like this....a bit darker though...

OP posts:
Quootiepie · 18/11/2006 14:38

forest green is abit... almost a yellow hint to it? I have just bought a gold (ish) top and a black one, and am in and out of them all like anything!

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