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Talk party tops to me please!

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snowleopard · 17/11/2006 13:53

I need something to wear to parties, nights out etc over the christmas season - not that it's going to be a social whirl, just a few nights out, but I have nothing. I need a trinny and susannah style kick up the arse style challenge - I'm living in long-sleeved t-shirt tops because I alternately work at home or SAHM with DS every day. I love clothes, but my style is so casual and I'd like to look "dressed up" for once. Any ideas on styles or particular items to get me thinking - oh MN style mavens?

I generally go for quite funky/outre things eg I like retro prints and bright colours, I'm happy to consider sequinny things and so on - but just don't know where I am with drapey styles or anything other than a plain cut, and don't know what looks good.

I'm size 14-ish, tall with small norks.

OP posts:
TheHighwayCod · 17/11/2006 13:55

do do you want long or short then>

if ou liek plain can i recommend the one i got ( unusually) from bOden

TheHighwayCod · 17/11/2006 13:55

oh od on it iwll be too unfunky for you

snowleopard · 17/11/2006 13:56

Depends cod, I like some boden stuff.

I have a long (and now flabsome) torso so nothing too skimpily short.

OP posts:
Gobbledigook · 17/11/2006 13:57

What top fish?

Gobbledigook · 17/11/2006 13:58

Monsoon website have some nice tops

snowleopard · 17/11/2006 13:58

Yes let's see it anyway
have to start somewhere

OP posts:
TheHighwayCod · 17/11/2006 13:58

aqha this drapes really nicely
GG oyu haev sene it

JackieNo · 17/11/2006 13:59

How about something like this - something that someone with small norks can wear that I couldn't.

TheHighwayCod · 17/11/2006 14:00

go d tis so nice in rl
there a lionk that gets you 15% ioff somwhere too}

Gobbledigook · 17/11/2006 14:02

i tried this on yesterday

It's quite nice

JackieNo · 17/11/2006 14:02

Another one here ?

TheHighwayCod · 17/11/2006 14:02

but agree if norks are small then you MUST be more adventruous

snowleopard · 17/11/2006 14:04

Oooh, surprising myself but actually I like all of these. Cod, in RL is that top long enough to cover the tum - and does "fluid" fabric cling to bumps? (I mean flab bumps, not lovely lady lumps)

OP posts:
TheHighwayCod · 17/11/2006 14:05

do you want skiimpy or not
imo one eneds tow sorts of tops

Gobbledigook · 17/11/2006 14:05

What kind of fabric is it cod? Silky or jersey?

The purple is really nice but out of 8. Could try a 10 but their tops come out big I think. Green could be nice too.

TheHighwayCod · 17/11/2006 14:05

no my tummy is like a topogrpahical map of the peak district.
it drapes
Johnny says so himslef

Gobbledigook · 17/11/2006 14:06

i am very tempted by this one

Gobbledigook · 17/11/2006 14:07

pmsl cod!!

TheHighwayCod · 17/11/2006 14:07

get one for me while you are there [plase

FrayedKnot · 17/11/2006 14:07

Got a georgeous floaty tunic top from Principles - I am same size with medium norks...


Will probably wear over narrow jeans with heels

The colours look better in RL - it is quite sheer. You would need to be tall to wear it.

In fact they have some oterh lovely tops too.


TheHighwayCod · 17/11/2006 14:07

aha no its out of stock

TheHighwayCod · 17/11/2006 14:08

ah fk sister has one hthe same buit hte reddy one

snowleopard · 17/11/2006 14:08

skimpy as in revealing at the shoulder/neck/nork end is ok. but not short and muffin-revealing.

Johhny says all sorts of things Cod, I hope you're wise to his schemes.

Thanks all this is helping loads, keep them coming...

Oh and cod please elaborate on the 2 types of tops, as I have no clue.

OP posts:
JackieNo · 17/11/2006 14:09

And if you're really not scared of sequins, how about this

TheHighwayCod · 17/11/2006 14:09

i liek this please tell me tis VILE

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