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Snood for toddler?

6 replies

HyperThread · 17/01/2015 18:36

Hi, has anyone seen a nice snood for a toddler?

Preferably one that comes in a set with matching hat and gloves

OP posts:
AuntieStella · 17/01/2015 19:47

These have the advantage of being very cheap and black shouldn't fight with whatever colour she's wearing.

AppleRings · 17/01/2015 20:58

I thought a snood was a never ending scarf?

RubbishRobotFromTheDawnOfTime · 17/01/2015 21:26

I've got this Polarn O Pyret one.

TheHuffAndPuffALot · 17/01/2015 21:31
evelynj · 17/01/2015 21:44

I got a pop one last year for dd-it's knitted but I'd forgotten about it. Will use it tomorrow but I like the look of those fleece ones. Mind you ds insisted on just going out in his tshirt t'other night when we went to pick up dh. I thought he'll be freezing & ask for his coat but he just said 'wow, this is awesome!'

GreatSoprendo · 18/01/2015 09:52

Tiny Vikings make snoods, along with loads of other great kids clothes and you can choose the fabric. My DS has matching fleece lined snood and hat from them, but we've also had tops and trousers from them too all of which are great.

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