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Help needed with the correct term.......

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QueenOfQuotes · 03/08/2005 14:57

A friend of mine is trying to set up an ironing serivce (rather her than me LOL) and wants to offer discounts for OAP's and people with disabilities. Thing is she's not sure what to put on the flyers without risking offending those who she's trying to offer a discount to!

She wants to put "OAP's and registered disabled" - but I'm not sure that's quite right.

What should she put???


OP posts:
starlover · 03/08/2005 15:00

not really answering the question i don't think... but not everyone who has a disability will be registered disabled iyswim
ie someone could have really bad arthritis in their hands and find ironing hard... but not actually be registered.

could she perhaps just put something about concessionary rates and then play it by ear?

QueenOfQuotes · 03/08/2005 15:03

That's what I thought too (re the 'registered' bit).

Thanks for your input.

OP posts:
Jimjams · 03/08/2005 15:36

She could put something about OAPs and those in receipt of DLA. That kind of filters out people but still leaves a large population that would be eligible.

Nickinha · 03/08/2005 16:18

How about Pensioners?

QueenOfQuotes · 03/08/2005 18:32

thanks for some more input - she's happy to use OAP's for pensioners (that's what all the hairdressers etc round here put on their boards on their concession days). But she also wanted to offer concessions to those who aren't recieving a pension yet, but have difficulty ironing due to disabilites.

Think she's decided to go with the "conessions rates" and then play it by ear.

OP posts:
Hattie05 · 03/08/2005 18:35

I think OAP's sound awful!

What about, concessionary rates for those in receipt of benefits (incl.DLA, AA, CA) and pensioners.

She needs to draw the line somewhere, otherwise everyone will be claiming their tennis elbow is playing up!

Fio2 · 03/08/2005 18:36

senior citizens?

edodgy · 03/08/2005 18:39

I'd just put concessions available, i used to work in a national museum and this was all that was put on the notices/pamphlets those who are concessions know who they are.

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