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First portage Visit - what to expect?

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piffle · 18/04/2005 14:07

WE are getting a home visit from the Portage worker on Friday afternoon, what should I expect? Will they do the checklist at that time and what sort of things would they ask dd to do or do they just observe?
Dd is 2 1/2 and mildly delayed in all areas, consultant thinks portage may well be the answer...
Any ideas? Have very little knowledge of what and how portage works...

OP posts:
chonky · 18/04/2005 14:27

Hi Piffle,

We had our first Portage visit a couple of weeks ago. Two Portage workers visited, one to play with dd whilst the other told me more about the service & filled out all the admin. stuff.
Last week our assigned Portage worker came around and played with dd (she bought a HUGE bag of toys) whilst discussing what skills she can and can't do with me. We got given some 'homework' to do this week with her
Our portage worker said that she'd assess dd against the developmental checklist once she'd visited a few times and got to know dd better.

Hope all goes well. I really look forward to the sessions now.

piffle · 18/04/2005 14:30

Thanks Chonky, dd is fairly suspicious of newcomers to the door, so I am not sure how cooperative she will be, so glad they wait a bit

OP posts:
Merlot · 18/04/2005 15:56

Good Luck Piffle and thanks Chonky - we now have an assigned portage worker and are just waiting for a first appointment now

coppertop · 18/04/2005 16:04

Ds1 and ds2 both had/have a portage worker and we've never had to fill in any checklists. The first visit usually involves chatting about what you would like help with first. With ds2 we are working on play skills and language. They will talk to you about dd's needs and try to get an idea of her likes and dislikes etc.

Ds2's portage worker is lovely. She always has lots of good ideas about things to try with ds2 and lends me books to read about autism etc. She also brings specific toys and games to help ds2. She usually leaves those here and then takes them back at her next visit.

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