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JettProof Calming Sensory Clothing

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yearofthehorse · 09/02/2017 18:48

I've just seen a post for this on FB. The testimonials look almost too good to be true so was wondering if anyone here has used it and opinions.

OP posts:
TwoBobs · 09/02/2017 19:32

We bought a t shirt a while ago after deliberating for a long time. Measured our child and used the guidance in the site for the correct size. It was really tight on the body but baggy around the shoulders and upper chest area so the fit wasn't good.
As soon as I touched the material I knew instantly that my child wouldn't wear it. It was like aertex type materiual so not really soft but, to an ASD child, scratchy (possibly not to a child without sensory sensitivities). The seams were REALLY prominent so that was another thing my child hated instantly. It seems as though they made a product without actually seeking advice from those with sensory sensitivities. Don't waste your money (especially given how expensive the product is).
We were very disappointed as when you have a child with additional needs you will try anything to help them but this was a real let down.

yearofthehorse · 10/02/2017 18:10

Thank you so much TwoBobs. An uncensored review is worth it's weight in gold. I'm in in the same, will try anything, camp and have just had a look at the review talking about the 'seamless feel'. I was very tempted but you've saved me £20 and a lot of disappointment.

OP posts:
PolterGoose · 10/02/2017 18:18

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

youarenotkiddingme · 10/02/2017 19:17

Thanks for starting this. I'm looking at sensory clothing for ds.

I'm going to look at sensory smart!

Melawati · 11/02/2017 11:09

I was looking at these too - it's all over my Facebook at the moment. Thanks for posting, as I don't think I'll bother now. I might have a look at Sensory Smart though.

Chelleandco · 13/02/2017 21:26

My son has autism and sensory processing disorder and he has been wearing JettProof vests daily for 3 years. Keeping his sensory system calm wearing this vest has been such a life saver. My son used to have many severe meltdowns every day and thanks to JettProof I now have a very calm and happy child. I would really suggest trying the vest initially, the fit of the vest is very good. 7 of my friends are also using JettProof vests for their kids with ASD and we are all thrilled with the results. I was so desperate to help my son and I tried absolutely everything on the market and this is the only product that worked for my son. The fabric is soft and breathable and the stitching is external and my son has tactile sensitivities and he loves the feeling of this vest. Do a google search for JettProof. Smile

AngelicaM · 14/02/2017 21:59

We purchased one long sleeved top ( OT said to try long sleeved but I think I would've preferred short) for DS and I really liked it in quality and feel, but we annoyingly didn't stick with it as DS had (unrelated) awful eczema and I was struggling to get it to clear under his arms. And then in a blink it was too small, I'm annoyed with myself for not using it more as I couldn't quite figure out if it made a difference. I intend to try again and but a bigger one.

Do you know what size you needed? I'd be happy to send you our very unused one if was a match!!

granly · 08/03/2017 21:55

My grandson (6 years old) has been wearing JettProof vests for 3 years, and honestly couldn't operate without them. He has autism, sensory processing disorder, and had global development delay. He used to have multiple meltdowns each day - we've tried him without JettProof and can see him stressing. The JettProof clothing gives a gentle 'hug', which is very calming. The fabric is fine - the clothing is worn 'inside out' so there are no seams against his body.

MrsMum82 · 11/03/2017 10:54

I can't believe the difference JettProof has made for my child. She is a sensory seeker rather than avoider, maybe this makes a difference.
She is in the product almost 24/7 now.
Initially I was very hesitant to outlay the cost for another tool that in my mind probably wasn't going to work. I am so glad I took the risk. Couldn't imaging life without them.

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