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I love it when people say nice things

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Jimjams · 13/08/2003 23:19

Toodk ds1 for a new homeopaths appointment today (our previous homeopath died so I haven't been for a while). I was a bit uneasy about it before hand- it was in the same place as before and I wasn't sure how ds1 would handle it. Also a bit strange as I had built up a good realtionship with our previous homeopath who I really trusted and felt he knew and understood ds1.

Anyway new homeopath is lovely and said some really nice things. Said he was beautiful (which previous one said as well) and just said how loving and full of life he was. I came out beaming. After all those grotty snotty paed etc reports so lovely to hear nice things about your child. Lots of other things as well, but so good to hear him compared favourably to others rather than hearing a long list of what was wrong with him. I felt that she really treated him as a human and individual rather than as a label. NOw why can't the pros be this positive?

OP posts:
lou33 · 13/08/2003 23:33

How lovely for you and ds Jimjams,must have made your day!

doormat · 13/08/2003 23:36

oh Jimjams how nice

fio2 · 13/08/2003 23:57

Glad it all went so well for you bothSmile I often wonder with these health prof's why they cant be a bit more positive, would it really hurt them that much? I mean they must see loads of kids with their funny little quirks and funny little walks and of course their lovely unique little personalities you would think they'd be used to it by now

eidsvold · 14/08/2003 07:38

so nice to read something positive - that must have been so good considering your concerns....

We have a couple of health professionals who are very positive and lovely towards dd and I but like you said they are so few and far between - it would not hurt them to be a little nicer - part when the children are older and sense their 'coldness'.

Jimjams · 14/08/2003 08:05

They're too busy listing how they deviate from "normal" eidsvold!

The homeopath also said he was much lovlier than many of the so called "normal" kids she gets in- and then when on to say "what's normal anyway". The pros could never say that- as our children don't meet their checklists so they're too busy listing "defecits".

We've got a consultants appointment soon- I'll come out of there depressed for a week!

OP posts:
Rebi · 14/08/2003 09:02

Your homeopath sounds like a lovely person. As you say it is lovely to get such positive feedback about your child.

The professionals could definitely learn some lessons from others in alternative fields! Glad you had a positive changeover from previous person.

ThomCat · 14/08/2003 09:40

Restores your faith in people doesn't it.
I'm glad he received the compliments he deserves.

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