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How long after starting SW did you start noticing weight loss?

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joloe · 24/06/2022 10:34

I've been doing SW from home for 2 weeks (now local group near me and no transport to travel to one).
Have been really disciplined with it. Most of my days look like this:

Breakfast: overnight oats with fat free skyr and strawberries and blueberries
Mid morning snack: Chopped 1 apple and 1 carrot
Lunch- Banana and a couple of "Go" felafel (Go is the brand name).
Evening meal: Grilled chicken or fish with boiled veggies and either plain white rice or plain fresh pasta - no fillings or sauces etc.
I drink lots of tea but always use skimmed milk.
Drinking lots of water too. No other drinks.

Belly still huge.. lol. Where am I going wrong? Or is 2 weeks too son to start noticing or feeling a difference? Going on holiday 3rd week of August - what are my chances or losing at least a stone by then? How much could I realistically expect to lose by then?

OP posts:
mintich · 24/06/2022 10:39

I steadily lost 2 pounds a week on Sw and I've lost 3 stone so far! Keep at it. It's not a crash diet, it's a lifestyle change

picklemewalnuts · 24/06/2022 10:40

It depends on your starting weight.

Lots of people lose 3 or 4 lbs in their first week. One or two pounds a week thereafter is manageable.

If you only have a little to lose, it is harder.

mintich · 24/06/2022 10:41

By the way, your meals seem very plain and not very much. There are so many recipes on SW to try! Make sure you are satisfied with what you are eating

picklemewalnuts · 24/06/2022 10:42

Are you getting hungry?
That's nothing like enough food for me, but I'm a big person.

Where are your healthy A?

KosherDill · 24/06/2022 11:02

Sounds like a lot of carbs in your menu.

joloe · 24/06/2022 11:06

Starting weight 13stone 1lb.
I usually have a wholemeal pitta with evening meal
Don't really bother with cheese or other breads.
Prefer very plain food (sensory issues). Not much time to shop or time to try out new recs unfortunately.

OP posts:
picklemewalnuts · 24/06/2022 11:24

You need to check your calcium intake then. No need to eat cheese, but you do need calcium in there somewhere.

If you are fine with plain food that's great.

Make sure you eat until you are full, with 'speed' and protein foods as the starting point.

You've not mentioned any treat foods. Are you incredibly disciplined, or is the odd fancy coffee and biscuit sneaking in without being recorded?

SpongeBobJudgeyPants · 08/07/2022 19:05

Are you measuring your milk into Healthy A amounts? How much have you lost so far. TBF, I would expect my weight loss to be slowing down if I didn't ha ve that much to lose. What weight are you aiming for? I actually gave up milk in tea, as I was guessing it and I suspect having far too much. Just have milk in coffee now, and I make sure I count it. Do you access to the podcasts? I found those quite helpful. The target member says she was guessing how many syns were in her costa with almond milk, and a sugar free caramel syrup (or similar) and it turned out it was about the double the syns she thought it was. I'm not always good at this, but if I haven't had a great week, I can usually track back to some Syn Amnesia! Not saying you are btw.

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