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Not sure I get it!

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DLCC · 02/06/2015 16:57

Hi there

I'd like to lose 11 pounds and did SW when I had my second son 6 years ago. It's all changed from red and green days and I'm not quite sure I get it, it appears you can eat lots of everything, pasta, potatoes etc but how can you lose weight?!

Today I'll be having:

B - 2x poached eggs, 1x toast
L - Homemade lentil and bacon soup
D - Salad with salmon

Snacks - 3 x granny smith apples

How does that compare to a SW day? or should I just join a group....

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puddleduck16 · 02/06/2015 19:37

It's not so much you can eat "lots". It's just saying that you don't have to measure and weigh your pasta/rice etc. they do portion control by making sure at least a third of your plate is what they term "speed" foods ie non starchy fruit and veg.
So your day would be great. You have to have a healthy extra a (so milk in your tea?) and your bread would be healthy extra b. everything else would be free (unless your bacon had fat on it).

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