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Are there really only 12 active conversations taking place?

7 replies

FlappyTheBat · 05/07/2009 12:02

Or have I hidden too many topics??

Don't think I have but....

OP posts:
FlappyTheBat · 05/07/2009 12:03

Please ignore that, by the time I'd posted it, they had all reappeared again

OP posts:
FlappyTheBat · 07/07/2009 14:45

It's happening again - but this time I'm down to just 1 active conversation and a big white space!!!

OP posts:
PestoMonster · 07/07/2009 14:47

Same here Flappy

HelenMumsnet · 07/07/2009 17:53

Pesto and Flappy: are you sorted now?

Fimbo · 07/07/2009 17:54

I had that earlier - just one sticky and nothing else. Then MN went down completely about 2.30

FlappyTheBat · 07/07/2009 18:37

sorry Helen, have just seen your reply!

Took about 1-2 mins for all active convo's to get sorted out again.


OP posts:
PestoMonster · 07/07/2009 20:50

Yes thank you Helen.

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