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FlamesparodyOfAChristmasName · 19/12/2007 11:43

Is it just for MN comps or any random competitions that people see advertised and want to talk about?

I have seen a couple crop up now which are people linking to competitions on other sites and it looks a tad like free advertising etc.

I know I get far too easily upset by advertising

OP posts:
TheHollyandtheOliviaMumsnet · 19/12/2007 13:38

Hi Flame -you're right, it is for MN comps only so do feel free to report. Many thanks

FlamesparodyOfAChristmasName · 19/12/2007 17:18

I nknow I get trigger happy

OP posts:
camillathechicken · 19/12/2007 17:19

i ahve done that before now, especially ones that are all dressed up as i'm new here ,but just want to tell you all about some other fabulous website with great competitions

makes me all irked !

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