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how did you chose your nick name

6 replies

nickytwotimes · 09/03/2007 20:52

i'm new to this mumsnet malarky and took three goes to chose a name that wasn't already in use. this one is a version of Johnny two times from the movie Goodfellas. How did you come up with yours?

OP posts:
Aefondkiss · 09/03/2007 20:59

it was burn's night, but I have had a few name changes, the good thing about being new is that nobody knows you, so you can change your name easily, and not have to take an advert out with morningpaper, and eventually you might find a name you really like and stick to, how long will I be aefondkiss is anyones guess.

nickytwotimes · 09/03/2007 21:03

guessing you are a fellow scot then?

OP posts:
nickytwotimes · 09/03/2007 21:06

forgot to put in smiley to thank you for reply told you i was new

OP posts:
Aefondkiss · 09/03/2007 21:16

yes fellow scot, with dh hovering in the background muttering "get off mumsnet now"

good luck with your name

jollyfolly · 09/03/2007 21:18

had just been to folly farm..... and had a jolly day!?!

princesscc · 09/03/2007 21:31

I AM a princess and I will wait and wait til my real family claim me as their own!!!!

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