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This Is My Child - the new MNHQ campaign. Everyone come look please!

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RowanMumsnet · 16/08/2013 15:16


As lots of you will already know, we've spent the last few months working on a new campaign called 'This Is My Child' - and it's launching on Monday. (We're letting you know about it now because there's a rather nice piece about in in the Guardian this weekend.)

You can read about the background to the campaign here, but in essence it's about myth-busting and awareness-raising - so we'd really love you all to share it as widely as possible. We've consulted with Mumsnetters and the material is supported by input from some of the leading charities in the field: Mencap, Contact A Family and Every Disabled Child Matters.

Over the years on Mumsnet, parents of children with SN have described how their lives are made more difficult by the occasional (or not-so-occasional) judginess of members of the public. They've described how this can contribute to their isolation, placing limits on their social opportunities because they can't face the stress and disapproval that comes with public interactions.

That's why we came up with This Is My Child. Its aim is to support parents of children with additional needs, inform everyone else, and open up a conversation about how we can all act together to make day-to-day life a bit easier for these families.

The input of parents caring for children with special needs has always provided a fascinating perspective for other MNers, encouraging empathy and giving real insight into what life can be like. We're hoping that our myth-busters, tips for non-experts and strategies for parents and carers, along with our background facts and figures, will help to bring the wisdom and perspective of Mumsnet SN posters to a wider audience.

So if you like what you read and think someone you know would find it interesting or useful, please share it as widely as you can (you'll find our impressively large sharing buttons on each page Wink).

And for the Tweeps among you, we'll be holding a Twitter party on the #ThisIsMyChild hashtag on Tuesday between 1pm and 2pm; please join in if you can.

As ever, we'd love to know your thoughts and hear your feedback, so please use this thread to post up anything that occurs to you.


OP posts:
fanjoforthemammaries7850 · 11/09/2013 14:47

To answer "yes out of consideration to people that want to see the film that they paid for without those distractions!" to the question "should people with disablities causing them to make noise stay away from the cinema" is not deleted in the interests of "not stifling debate".

I thought MNHQ had moved on from the old days and took a harsher line on disablism now but clearly I was wrong, sadly.

fanjoforthemammaries7850 · 11/09/2013 15:33 was eventually deleted..but other similar ones, were not.

qqklara · 16/01/2015 20:04

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

zoerich1 · 01/05/2015 12:29

My daughter has adhd,odd, dysgraphia, hypermobility and other learning difficulties. She stuggles in school and melts down when home or out and about and we get the funny looks and the comments; such as control your child or a good smack would sort that out. But its not that easy especially when they get frustrated to the point where they cant actually communicate and its so hard as you just need to let them calm down so they can tell you

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