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is it me or is mumsnet really slow this morning?

7 replies

cadbury · 09/06/2006 08:43

I don't mean the sparkling repartee, I mean the loading up of the pages. Everything seems to be at a snails pace.

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NatalieJane · 09/06/2006 08:46

It is starting to warm up now I think, but I have had to log on nearly everytime I have posted....

FioFio · 09/06/2006 08:46

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted

NatalieJane · 09/06/2006 08:47

It must be my pregnancy brain aswell then :o

PiccadillyCircus · 09/06/2006 08:50

Working fine for me (and everyone else in the house is asleep....long may it last Smile)

cadbury · 09/06/2006 08:50

its a bit quicker now.

to you Fio. I'm blaming everything either on my pg brain or on th heat or on my throat infection which dd is now off with.

OP posts:
fairyjay · 09/06/2006 08:51

Seems ok. Smile

tech · 09/06/2006 09:00

should be ok now. had to do a bit of work....

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