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He wants to pee on my face

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ssshhhh · 30/05/2020 10:28

This really .
We're in a very loving and respectful relationship and he was a bit reluctant to ask but I appreciate his honesty . However can't deny I'm a bit taken aback . I love to please him as he is very attentive in bed and always prioritises my pleasure as well as being a gentle, caring person in general .

I don't feel totally repulsed by the idea but I'm intrigued as to what a man would get out of this. He's also said he'd like to try doing it in my mouth BlushI have no idea what to expect taste and sensation wise . I'm happy that he feels comfortable enough to suggest it to me but also wonder how bad it would taste and if it's suggestive of him having other issues or if this is in the realms of normal . Any experiences or advice appreciated .

OP posts:
maggie1862 · 30/05/2020 10:48

my DH likes to watch me wee , he got me to piss on him in the shower once , instant erection for him but did little for me .
Understand lots of people get turned on by water sports ,ask him if he would like you to return the favour and see what his response is .
Only go along with it if you are OK with it .

GreekOddess · 30/05/2020 12:35

It's a porn thing. It's about humiliation. I'd tell him to fuck off.

ssshhhh · 30/05/2020 13:45

maggie I did ask him and he said gladly if that's what I wanted!

I get that there might be a humiliation aspect involved but that seems so uncharacteristic of him as he is such a gentleman that I can't reconcile with his character at all !

OP posts:
NameChangeNugget · 30/05/2020 14:43

It’s not a porn thing. Watersports has been around forever. If you don’t want to do it, don’t.

Spasiba · 30/05/2020 19:32

Starting on the face seems a bit radical. Can he not wee up against your leg in the shower, to see how you get on?

RiverCrossing · 30/05/2020 22:43

It’s not a porn thing. It’s a more common thing than you’d think, it’s about enjoying/watching the loss of control for some people. Some, not all. If you’re willing to explore it a bit then why not start in the shower, bit more relaxed and less pressure for you both - and perhaps don’t start with the face? If it were me I think I’d feel like that was quite intense too soon! I think it’s great you can have these conversations with each other.

notevenat20 · 31/05/2020 06:25

Is this a piss take ( :) ) ? Men can’t pee if they have an erection..

R2519 · 31/05/2020 07:03

@GreekOddess. Helpful comment there! Hmm

OP, start small as someone else suggested and go from there. If you dont like it then say so. If you don't wznt to even try then be honest.

ssshhhh · 31/05/2020 08:06

I definitely want to try , was actually doubting myself for finding the idea strangely erotic . Maybe not in the mouth though but then again turning him on turns me on wildly -never felt like this with other partners but our connection is very different.

OP posts:
Signoftimes · 31/05/2020 08:10


Is this a piss take ( :) ) ? Men can’t pee if they have an erection..

Who told you that load of rubbish? It’s harder (pun intended!) but we can still pee
xpc316e · 31/05/2020 08:56

OK, I think that the fact that he has been perfectly honest with you deserves a lot of credit. He hasn't said that he wants to pee on your leg when in the shower when he secretly desires to pee on your face; he has told you exactly where he wants to go with this and has not fudged the issue at all. It is very encouraging for the health of the relationship that you have created an atmosphere in which he can be honest.

For the above reasons, I do not feel that the responses advising you to tell him exactly where to go are reasonable. If you definitely have no wish to get involved in watersports, then a polite 'no thanks' would be the best way to go about it.

If however you are willing to experiment, then the advice about peeing in the shower may be a good route to take. I'd be inclined to give it a try on the basis that we should do all things at least once, and probably twice jut to make sure that we didn't like them if we were not that keen after the first attempt.

I was in a relationship with a woman who asked me whether I enjoyed watersports and I honestly answered that I didn't. She then dropped the subject, but we stayed friends and years later I discovered that she was hugely turned on by being pissed on, especially when she was masturbating. Had she told me how much it meant to her at the time, I would have been more than willing to oblige and who knows how much fun we could have had.

As for not being able to pee when erect, all I can say is that some men can, and some men can't.

maggie1862 · 31/05/2020 14:06

To clarify my DH became erect when I urinated on him in the shower , think he is is able to pee with a semi .
What ever floats one's boat so to speak .

rwalker · 01/06/2020 06:41

he need to drink lots and lots and lottos water first then pee will be litterally just water.

EmbarrassedUser · 01/06/2020 07:06

He doesn’t respect you @ssshhhh And he’s been watching too much porn...grim.

xpc316e · 01/06/2020 07:39

EmbarrassedUser, your comment may be true; on the other hand, it may not be. Whatever is the case, I really don't think it is particularly helpful to state that what others might do is grim and that there is no respect in their relationship.

Sexuality covers an extremely wide spectrum and if watersports is not your thing, that is fine. Coming here to cast aspersions on what others do is neither pleasant, nor helpful.

c1JSU · 01/06/2020 11:02

I would like to try this but he is reluctant. I’ve peed while he rubbed my clit tho

Anothernick · 02/06/2020 18:07

This is not linked to porn, it's just a fetish some people have. I enjoy watching my DW pee, I wouldn't especially want her to do it on me but I'd go for it if she asked. I find peeing a slightly erotic experience myself - releasing when you are full has some similarities with orgasmic release.

maggie1862 · 02/06/2020 21:02

Nice to hear a fellow admit he likes to watch us pee just because they do .

tara66 · 02/06/2020 21:14

Story is Adolf Hitler like that sort of thing with his niece, who committed suicide.

CauliflowerBalti · 03/06/2020 23:22

It's not about porn, or humiliation - it's being turned on by loss of control. I'd be turned on, flattered and intrigued - though not necessarily up for it. The idea is sexy but I'm not sure I wouldn't laugh or vom at the reality.

Deathgrip · 06/08/2020 16:24

It's not about porn, or humiliation - it's being turned on by loss of control.

Bollocks is it.

Being turned on by someone peeing on you might be about the enjoyment of seeing someone lose control.

Wanting to piss on someone’s face is about having control over them, and I’d be very surprised if there weren’t a significant part that’s about humiliation too.

Muuuuuummm · 08/08/2020 15:09

I dont think it's necessarily about humiliation at all. Especially given the description of their relationship. I have never encountered or fancied water sports but I think what he wants sounds rather intimate and not horrible at all. People need to let go of the stigma attached. Pissing isnt disgusting


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Sparkybloke · 08/08/2020 16:26

a previous partner used to pee sometimes when she orgasmed....I loved it although I would never dream of asking anyone if I could pee on them anywhere! If they ever asked me i would entertain the idea😊.

While I dare say porn has increased the awareness of watersports it has been around since the year dot. Peeing is a natural bodily function and is it mostly water anyhow. If it's your thing to for it. If not absolutely don't....

With a biology hat on it is not possible for a man to pee when fully erect and approaching orgasm as a small sphincter inside closes so that when he ejaculates he releases semen not urine and the ejaculatory contractions don't send his semen into his bladder. Semi erect I suspect most can pee although for me it is difficult.

Anotherblokelurking · 10/08/2020 08:53

I can pee through my morning glory, I sit down, lean forward, hold it to point at the porcelain and let it flow.

From a very early age little boys are fascinated by how girls pee without a willy, They want to see how it’s done, a fascination that never leaves them. And boys love to show off, including showing girls how they pee and their stiffies. We don’t need porn to put the idea into our very simple heads.

Later in life some seem to make this a sexual turn on or even a fetish.

Bosekct · 10/08/2020 17:32

Not my cup of piss this at all. In your mouth? Yak

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