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Channing School or Camden School for Girls?

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befree200 · 28/02/2024 16:42

Hello, my DD has been offered a place to start Y7 in September at both schools. I wanted to put a call out there to any mums with daughters at these schools and if you could kindly share your experience / your daughter's experience. It is a big choice for us because of the fee's commitment. In terms of academics, looking at the latest 2023 exam tables, both schools seem to be performing the same. I know that it is not totally fair to compare a state with a private school because we are not comparing apples with apples however it would be good to have an insight on your experiences. Thank you in advance!

OP posts:
Mother007 · 29/02/2024 15:41

May I ask have been already offered a place at CSG before 1st March?

sparklespot · 29/02/2024 16:05

Personally I'd go with Camden. I do know quite a few families at Channing and their girls are happy - however, I've heard a few grumbles from parents that the teaching isn't all that great.

Channing is often considered the 'second choice' over other high achieving local privates like Highgate, South Hampstead or NCLS. Results aren't everything, but if Channing is getting roughly the same results as CSG then why pay, really? It also says something about the excellent quality of teaching at CSG as they have a mixed ability intake, whereas Channing is selective...

I have a daughter at one of the three very competitive schools I mention above. I often wish we'd gone into the state system because the fees are crippling... and they will only get worse when labour introduces VAT on fees. She will certainly be leaving for sixth form and Camden is on our list!

Foxesandsquirrels · 29/02/2024 16:38

Assuming you've got a music place? Camden in that case. The lower school isn't as amazing as the sixth form but if you're daughter is clever enough to get a music place than she'll do well at Camden. Socially it'll be more varied but equally she'll be surrounded by girls who's families could also afford Channing. Both schools are just as cramped.

Mother007 · 27/03/2024 17:51

may I ask which school you accepted at the end ?
we are facing exactly the same choice Channing VS CSG and really are torn on this never ending discussion prv vs state.

thank you!

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