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Silver cross

7 replies

IdontUnderatand · 08/06/2020 09:59

I'm ready to upgrade my son to a stroller.
I'm having trouble deciding which one, so looking for reviews from the three I like

Silver cross pop

Silver cross reflex

Silver cross spark

I'm only interested in this three, so please don't leave reviews/advice for other prams.


OP posts:
Bert2020 · 08/06/2020 10:08

We have the reflex and love it! Almost 4 years old now but going strong. It’s been on holidays by plane too. It has the bumper bar that the pop did not when we brought it and worked well when dd was younger for testing her legs, draping a blanket over. The spark wasn’t available back then. Can push one handed easily and manoeuvres well. Does last upto 25kg and lots of room. Would buy again and recommend.

IdontUnderatand · 08/06/2020 10:11

@Bert2020 thanks. It's the bumper bar I like the idea of and the handles adjusting as I'm only 5'3.
I've only found the spark in Argos, so not sure if an end of line or something, but also had a bar and adjustable handles.
I can't find anything on it, so hoping someone on here may have it to give their opinion.

OP posts:
Bert2020 · 08/06/2020 10:20

Forgot the handles! They are fab, DH and I are different heights but not hugely but it still gives us great scope and is super comfortable to push.

voxnihili · 11/06/2020 21:48

I think the spark is just the name Argos have given the reflex as they also have different names for the pop and zest. I’ve had a reflex and tried a pop - much prefer the reflex as it’s sturdier. However, although the handles are adjustable they don’t go down particularly low.

CeibaTree · 11/06/2020 22:17

We were very pleased with our Zest.

IdontUnderatand · 12/06/2020 07:55

@voxnihili yes you're right. I messaged silver cross and they said the soark is the same as reflex, but exclusive to Argos and no baby hugger bit (I don't need that anyway) so went for spark as reduced to £140 and I love it!! So pleased with it

OP posts:
JanewaysBun · 22/06/2020 14:57

I've tried the pop and like it (ultimately went for a zest as it was lighter and takes up less space). Really nice to handle

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