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how much does it cost to move home these days?

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chocolateshoes · 16/10/2008 21:23

I mean solicitors fees, removals, survey there a rough figure...? Am trying to work out if we can do it!!

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wonderstuff · 17/10/2008 10:14

We are looking at this at the moment to, the housing association thinks we need £3500 in savings to cover moving costs, not sure if this includes stamp duty which was our biggest bill last time iirc. Hope to avoid it this time now the bracket has gone up. 1% over 175K 3% over 250K

RubySlippers · 17/10/2008 10:16

it cost us about £12k

we moved up a stamp duty bracket to 3%, plus solicitors, removals, estate agent fees

was a lot of ££££

FimboGotAxed · 17/10/2008 10:16

Phone a local solicitor and they will give you a free quote for legal fees etc, if you tell them the purchase price they will include everything in.

overthemill · 17/10/2008 10:16

we spent £20k last december on buying and selling. all fees/solicitor, search, and removal vans

FimboGotAxed · 17/10/2008 10:17

We moved last year and had costs similar to Ruby.

chocolateshoes · 17/10/2008 12:31

omg!!! much more than we were thinking!!! eek.....

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