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Right final straw - we are pulling out

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kerala · 18/07/2008 13:43

Just about at the end of my tether. We have been trying to buy this house for 2 months they knew we had a hard deadline which if we break will cost us 8K.

We have been told by our surveyor that the house is over priced by £40k yet decided to proceed anyway because we loved it. Yet despite all this the sellers are not responding to anything, dragging their heels and refusing to budge an inch on providing certificates etc. Dont they read the news?! We could not do enough for our purchaser and felt we were lucky to sell. Just about to tell them to stuff it despite the £3k costs incurred. Pregnant and hormonal as you can probably tell.

OP posts:
Fimbo · 18/07/2008 13:49

Do you have the sellers phone number?

We would have been in a similar situation with our buyers, but we had their phone number and sorted out any problems as they arose as their solicitor was crap. You may find it is the solicitor that is the problem rather than them.

My dh is a solicitor although doesn't work in conveyancing and eventually had a draft a letter from our buyers and us to their solicitor to demand that we exchange, as she was trying to hold things up waiting for a certificate that wasn't entirely necessary.

lalalonglegs · 18/07/2008 18:41

It's £40k over-valued, they are being difficult - you won't be losing £8k, you will be saving £32k...

sunshineandshowers · 18/07/2008 19:28

This will be the best thing you ever do. Lucky escape.

Doodle2U · 18/07/2008 19:33

Bail out - sounds like it's not meant to be and as lalalonglegs just pointed out, you're up by £32K.

In the time you've been pissing about with this one, loads more will have dropped in price - look again and i bet you, you'll fall in love with another one which is even nicer

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