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FTC2019 · 30/03/2023 08:48

We have a conservatory - dwarf walls to front, panels on sides and plastered, the self cleaning blue tinted roof with blinds. We had the separating doors removed when the conservatory was built.
Generally the temperature is fine (unless when exceptionally hot or cold!), however the other half finds it too hot or too cold.
Thinking of options.. Would internal wooden bi-fold doors help? they wouldn't be sealed though I've been told so about 3mm gap between each door (could i get some seal for this?), also would clear or frosted glass for these doors be better?
I'd ideally like to avoid a solid roof or external doors put there.
Any experience on this would be great, thanks :)
I'm also aware that for building regs it should probably be external doors but i can cross this bridge if i come to sale.

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