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Property prices in London, gasp they have gone up and its a refurb!

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onlyWotz · 31/08/2007 14:23

I will need to do the lottery I think

Guide Price of £17,000,000
A substantial detached stucco villa + adjoining mews house.

The property requires complete refurbishment

OP posts:

Kaz33 · 01/09/2007 15:56

Three years ago we sold a 2 bed basement flat in South Ken for £425K, a slightly smaller version of ours was sold at the same time for £355K - this was sold in May 2007 for £640K (an increase of £275K in roughly 3 and a half years).

Absolute madness - of course you can only afford to live in Central London if you are a merchant banker now.


LoveAngel · 04/09/2007 11:20

Bought our Hackney terrace for £110k in 1998. Sold it this year for £600k. Within 3 months of us selling it, similar houses on our road have been selling for 660k and 670k. My mum bought her 3 bed flat in Camden in 1990 for £100k. Sold it in 2001 for £400k. Just saw it sold again this year for 720k. Can it continue like this? Its bloody madness.


hoxtonchick · 04/09/2007 11:22

we bought out hackney house for 300k in 2001. it's about to go on the market for 700k.....


NomDePlumeIsOffWorkToday · 04/09/2007 11:23

is that the garden ?

for £17m ?


'Tis a gorgeous house though, in an excellent area.

I wonder what it would be worth once done up ?


NomDePlumeIsOffWorkToday · 04/09/2007 11:25

Mind you, it'd cost a few bob to do up. You could hardly fit it out with DIY-barn stuff, could you ?!

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