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Here goes - dd struggles with friends.

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ohknickers · 25/09/2008 20:16

namechanged here, how hard to find a name.

dd y2 nearly 7,
she is outgoing,chatty, loud bit too much to say not always in a bad way either. she sticks up for friends if another is been mean she can sometimes come of worse after sorting problem out others walk away nicely and she is on her own.
she shares her snack when other don't, she is not a push over and can talk to anyone even y6 if she had to.
Its been bothering me that she has said she has been on her own at playtime/lunch time and often sat on floor crying. she has been asking to play and group of girls said yes and because they are playing something she doesn't want ot play i.e bratz/hsm she is just walking offf. I have told her she has play what they were playing as they started it first and cannot xpect them to chage the game.
other girl say X have been good friends but can be bit moody and last year they fell out and she said to other girls dont play with my dd, some did others did their own thing. dd and X play together a lot and fall out too, usually over silly things and being narky with one another. X has been mean to other girls to. my dd will go to play at friends house and house who dd is also in class, she only wants to stay with teacher and rarely plays with others.
What can I say to dd, it breaks my heart that she is alone crying, should I bring her home for lunch.
Have mentioned to teacher she said dd very kind but her and x have love/hate relationship. so they are aware of it.
dd is very much what u see is what you get, same in/out of class and lots of others are nice and sweeet to teacher and nasty and mean outside. btw these girls win manners cup and my dd never has.
any advice, sorry to ramble.

OP posts:
ohknickers · 25/09/2008 20:18

Just read that back and its all like double dutch, hope you get the jist of it.

OP posts:
Orinoco · 26/09/2008 19:33

Message withdrawn

QOD · 26/09/2008 19:51

Its like readiong about my now 9 yr old when she was 7 or 8!

Orinoco · 26/09/2008 21:49

Message withdrawn

SusieHughsie · 27/09/2008 00:46


Totally sympathise with you, my DD is 6 and regularly says she has no friends. She is the smallest in the class and believes the slowest runner so will not participate in any games which include running and excludes herself from everyone else.

I have spoken to DD's class teacher who seem to take my concerns on board but they cannot make other children be her friend.

It really is heartbreaking and I have spent many hours in tears, trying to talk to her about some ways she can help herself. Unfortunately, 6yo little girls can be cruel and she is often left feeling rejected by her classmates.

I just dont know what else I can do!

QOD · 27/09/2008 23:44

i havwe had to coach her like you are yours

  • play what THEY want or be alone
  • pre plan - one of her friends will arrange the entire week on a Monday 0 morning break with you, lunch with you and so on
  • I have even suggested games! helped write mini plays & printed them out
  • after school play dates with other girls - not her normal clan, but the ones on the fringes - she now has lots of good friends and not 1 or 2 that she "has" to be with,

Bloody hardwork though!
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