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Teen cycle app?

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Rugbymumof2 · 25/07/2022 22:15

Any recommendations for a younger teen friendly app DD can use for tracking her cycles that isn't geared around fertility as most I have found are?
Just something simple so she can keep an eye on when to expect the next and it's not me having to remind her to make sure she's got pads and spares with her.

Would also help her with planning activities with friends if she's unlikely to want to do something in particular around that time.

OP posts:
undecided112 · 25/07/2022 22:22

Flo is a good one.

Even if an app focuses around fertility it doesn't mean you need to use it for that. It might be helpful for her to know when she's ovulating, when she's expecting her period, and get in touch with her cycle so she can recognise how she feels at certain times of the month.

WLAH · 25/07/2022 22:43

P tracker

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