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Child being bullied

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whatsthenextstep · 25/05/2022 02:26

My child is 9, he likes to play out with a few children who live close by, some times they get on great but when 1 particular child is out they seem to be mean to my child.

They all play out together but 2 children in particular keep hurting my child and encourage the others to join in to. It's not just my child they do it to as they do it to another child who lives close by also.

I've spoken to both the parents, the main child denied doing anything and the parents weren't interested, the other was pretty much the same and said kids will be kids.

They've hurt my child 3 times the last week and left bruises, so today I decided to speak with the children after my child came in crying as all 4 had been kicking them. They admitted to hurting my child and admitted they lied previously when I spoke to their parents.

The parents have made it clear they are not interested and unwilling to tell their children or believe that theyve done anything wrong and I've spoken to the children previously when they hit my child but that didn't make a difference.

What other options do I have? There is no where else my child can play so apart from making them stay indoors to play there is no way to avoid the other children.

OP posts:
CatsArePeople · 27/05/2022 14:40

Teach your child to fight back. Or find some nicer kids to play with.

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