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Hard wearing trainers for DS 11

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Rebecca75 · 11/05/2022 16:38

I seem to be buying my ds a new pair of trainers every half term - he wear straight through them. He wears them all day at school 3 days per week and also as his weekend shoes.
we have always bought Karrimor ones but I was wondering what was out there that would be longer lasting.

He is adult size 7 and needs the drawstring closure instead of laces as he has adhd and loses the plot when faced with tying a lace.


OP posts:
Sqeebling · 11/05/2022 16:40

Mine wear Air Force ones and the laces are knitted in such a way they just slip on and off like slippers. They last for absolutely ages

Sqeebling · 11/05/2022 16:40

Knotted - by the DC themselves

Rebecca75 · 11/05/2022 16:54

Thanks, I’ll check them out

OP posts:
Sqeebling · 15/05/2022 00:44

Also try Nike no lace trainers 'easy on the go' and Flyease @Rebecca75

Sqeebling · 15/05/2022 00:44


Sqeebling · 15/05/2022 00:45

Just go onto their online shop - they have an app too.

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