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11 year old - how much freedom with new friend?

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Madmog · 01/10/2012 10:08

My daughter recently started comp. From day 2 hit it off with another girl and they have met up at breaktimes every day since. Ideally I'd like to invite this girl back to ours but she lives in a different part of the town and I've ascertained both of us Mums haven't got a car early evening to get her back.

Anyway, I thought about suggesting a meet up in town in the holidays. Have a couple of options, cinema or cafe and potter around town. Here's where my dilemma is - I don't know the other girl and other than letting my daughter go on ahead of me to another shop, I don't let her go off. So do I leave them on their own at cinema, cafe/town or stay?

I'm sure it will be easier when they are older and can happily go off on their own or when the other girl knows me, she could do a sleepover.

OP posts:
Numberlock · 01/10/2012 10:12

Could you start with a sleepover on a Friday night? The girls come home together and it should be easier for her to get home on public transport on a Saturday than a school night.

That way you get to know the new girl before letting the two of them go off together.

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